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The Chalet School and Richenda Richenda Fry Has Been Sent To The Chalet School As A Punishment Her Father Is A Specialist In Historic Porcelain And Richenda Cannot Resist Handling The Beautiful Items, Especially The Rare Khang He Vase, Even Though She Has Been Expressly Forbidden To Go Near His Valuable Collection She Arrives At The School Sulky And Determined To Hate Everything About It This Lasts About A Day And A Half, After Which She Decides To Enjoy Life To The Full In Order To Render The Punishment Null And Void She Teams Up With The Maynard Triplets, Particularly Len And Con, And It Is At Their Behest That She Agrees To Have Her Name Shortened To The Friendly Ricki As A New Girl, Ricki Is Invited To Tea At Freudesheim, And Joey Maynard Quickly Senses That All Is Not Well Between Ricki And Her Father Being Joey, She Determines To Get To The Bottom Of The Matter Before Ricki Goes Home To England Again

About the Author: Elinor M. Brent-Dyer

Elinor M Brent Dyer was born as Gladys Eleanor May Dyer on 6th April 1894, in South Shields in the industrial northeast of England, and grew up in a terraced house which had no garden or inside toilet She was the only daughter of Eleanor Watson Rutherford and Charles Morris Brent Dyer Her father, who had been married before, left home when she was three years old In 1912, her brother Henzell died at age 17 of cerebro spinal fever After her father died, her mother remarried in 1913.Elinor was educated at a small local private school in South Shields and returned there to teach when she was eighteen after spending two years at the City of Leeds Training College Her teaching career spanned 36 years, during which she taught in a wide variety of state and private schools in the northeast, in Middlesex, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, and finally in Hereford.In the early 1920s she adopted the name Elinor Mary Brent Dyer A holiday she spent in the Austrian Tyrol at Pertisau am Achensee gave her the inspiration for the first location in the Chalet School series However, her first book, Gerry Goes to School , was published in 1922 and was written for the child actress Hazel Bainbridge Her first Chalet story, The School at the Chalet , was originally published in 1925.In 1930, the same year that Jean of Storms was serialised, she converted to Roman Catholicism.In 1933 the Brent Dyer household she lived with her mother and stepfather until her mother s death in 1957 moved to Hereford She travelled daily to Peterchurch as a governess.When her stepfather died she started her own school in Hereford, The Margaret Roper School It was non denominational but with a strong religious tradition Many Chalet School customs were followed, the girls even wore a similar uniform made in the Chalet School s colours of brown and flame Elinor was rather untidy, erratic and flamboyant and not really suited to being a headmistress After her school closed in 1948 she devoted most of her time to writing.Elinor s mother died in 1957 and in 1964 she moved to Redhill, where she lived in a joint establishment with fellow school story author Phyllis Matthewman and her husband, until her death on 20th September 1969.During her lifetime Elinor M Brent Dyer published 101 books but she is remembered mainly for her Chalet School series The series numbers 58 books and is the longest surviving series of girls school stories ever known, having been continuously in print forthan 70 years One hundred thousand paperback copies are still being sold each year Among her published books are other school stories family, historical, adventure and animal stories a cookery book, and four educational geography readers She also wrote plays and numerous unpublished poems and was a keen musician.In 1994, the year of the centenary of her Elinor Brent Dyer s birth, Friends of the Chalet School put up plaques in Pertisau, South Shields and Hereford, and a headstone was erected on her grave in Redstone Cemetery, since there was not one previously They also put flowers on her grave on the anniversaries of her birth and death and on other special occasions.

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    I have a lot of love for this one, even though it s left me with the following ailment Whenever I m introduced to somebody with the surname of Fry , I automatically think Fry Are you related to Elizabeth Fry, the great reforme

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    This was HUGE when it first came out I can still remember the excitement New cover style Mary Lou is finally head girl And isn t Richenda a weird name And actually it doesn t disappoint Yes, it s a favourite formula new girl with issue

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    I ve read this before, but in the abridged Armada paperback, so I was thrilled to get this reprint of the complete original At first, Richenda is determined to dislike everything to do with the Chalet School, since her father has sent her there

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    Chambers hardback edition, unabridged This is one of my favourite of the later books in the series, for various reasons Richenda later Ricki Fry is one of thelikeable young Chaletians who get their own book before becoming just another student , andinte

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    At fifteen, Richenda is the only child of a middle aged father who specialises in early Chinese ceramics We first meet her with an almost priceless item in her hands and her father is so furious that he decides to take her out of the school she loves, away from

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    Richenda has been sent away to boarding school by her father, a punishment he s bestowed upon her because she cannot seem to stay away from his precious ceramics However, she s determined that she will enjoy herself at school, and it turns out that it s not a punishment

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    Richenda is sent to the Chalet School as punishment by her father, so her new girl story is not so much about settling in at the school, but a redemption story about loving her father Plus the usual slightly mad plotlines such as being assaulted by a small child with a spray bott

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    A great chalet book Introduced Richenda Fry, daughter to a professor of Asian ceramics Richenda is sent to the chalet school as a punishment but quickly makes the most of it and settles into a fun life Some very grown up topics ones future careers, career planning and thinking properly ab

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I remember living this when I was younger and it s still as good I liked richenda as a character and the adventure or mishaps that happened to them.

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    A long time favourite.

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