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Miss Buncle Married In This Charming Follow Up To Miss Buncle S Book, Readers Will Follow Barbara Buncle S Journey Into Married Life In A New Town Filled With Fascinating Neighborswho May Become The Subjects Of Barbara S Next Novel Miss Buncle May Have Settled Down, But She S Already Discovered That Married Life Has Done Nothing To Prevent Her From Getting Into Humorous Mix Ups And Hilarious Hijinx Readers Will Continue To Fall In Love With Barbara As She Hilariously Navigates An Exciting New Beginning

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    From now on D.E Stevenson is officially one of my favourite authors, on par and on the same, very personal, bookshelf with Jane Austen and Barbara Pym In their own ways and their own times, they all wrote about The Humdrum, The Mundane and The Commonplace without too much fuss and high drama,

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    The sequel to Miss Buncle s Book, Miss Buncle Married, is very good and I enjoyed getting back into her world and reading all about her adventures with her new neighbors and husband s family It is almost as delightful as the first book and I read it very quickly as I couldn t wait to find out what happ

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    If I could do one, tiny small thing for the good of all mankind, I would make the mid brow, mid wars English literature a must for everybody DE Stevenson was a master the author of the Miss Buncle series is as dry a wit as it comes, along with Nancy Mitford, Stella Gibbons, Angela Thirkell, MJ Farrell, EF Benson

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    Not as superbly clever or as screamingly funny as the first book Miss Buncle s writing and her book s relation to the real life of the village added a dimension that pushed that one from good to great but still quite witty and entertaining The former Miss Buncle and her new husband Mr Abbott move house in order to get out

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    If you are a fan of cozy British village tales you will love the very cleverly plotted

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    The further adventures of Mrs Barbara Abbott nee Buncle as she settles into married life with her husband in a new town in a new house with new neighbors and new stories to tell This was both absolutely delightful and just the slightest bit disappointing for me I absolutely adored seeingof Barbara s wide eyed approach to the world around her

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    This was as delightful as the first And really dependent on it Or, at least, I think my enjoyment was materially affected by being familiar with the first book In a good way, I mean So read the first And then read this one not least because you d know what you are getting and it is very fine, indeed.

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    The sequel to

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    I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first maybe a little , as there s aunified plot Miss Buncle, now Mrs Abbott, takes it into her head to buy a run down house in a little village so as to get away from the constant social demands of her and her husband s friends in town She s also sworn off writing, particularly since she likes her new home and is afraid of ha

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    Barbara Buncle has now married her publisher, Arthur Abbot They are happy together, but rather bored of the endless dinner parties and Bridge parties that they are having to attend In order to avoid offending their friends, they decide to move After a long search, Barbara eventually finds the perfect house in a lovely village A whole new wonderful cast of characters are introduced

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