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If you happen to pass by 84 Charing Cross Road, kiss it for me I owe it so much This was my second reading of the book, and I m adding a star to my original rating I laughed a lot harder this time, and even got a little choked up near the end I don t recall this much chortling, cackling, guffawing and snorting on my first time through The contrast between Helene Hanff s brash American informality and Frank Doel s staid British professionalism is delightful There s a certain charm in his politeness, while at the same time one wonders how long it will take for him to loosen up His first letter to Helene beginsDear Madam , to which she repliesI hope madam doesn t mean over there what it does hereHer humor and generosity did slowly erode his reserve, but it took years As she put itI write them the most outrageous letters from a safe 3,000 miles a Letters, literature, friendships, kindness and humor fill the pages of this small volume It s a gift from Helene Hanff to anyone who loves books Not much I can say except that all book lovers should read it Long distance friendships and books a lot like Goodreads. The epistolary meanderings of Helene Hanff and Frank Dole are insightful, playful in their coyness, and progressive in their development This is an actual correspondence gone awfully right.There is a starkness of honesty in this correspondence Yet the prose in the letters aren t quite as dry as might be feared Like I said, the back and forth is progre After hearing about this book for years, I finally stumbled upon a 2 ex libris copy earlier this week at a used book sale And without pausing I bought it How appropriate It consists of the correspondence, from the late 1940s until the late 1960s, between New York writer and bibliophile Helene Hanff and Frank Doel, an employee at Marks Co Booksellers at the eponymous address in London Hanff was a voracious, eclectic reader who couldn t find good American editions of the books she wanted to read Responding to an advertisement in a periodical, she wrote to Marks Co., and began her two decades long epistolary relationship with Doel.Her chatty, witty and often teasing letters requesting books and Frank s conservative, straightlaced missives form the backbone of the work As their long distance, customer bookseller relationship evolves, Hanff occasionally writes to other store employees, as well as Doel s wife, the couple s daughters and the family s elderly neighbour What gradually emerges is a gentle and moving look at two kindred spirits united by their love of the printed word Hanff s descriptions of the physical books are so vivid I can practically smell and feel the sturdy covers and the thick, creamy pages The book also touches on their differing c PDF Epub 84, Charing Cross Road Author Helene Hanff Par Un Beau Jour D Octobre 1949, Helene Hanff S Adresse Depuis New York La Librairie Marks Co., Sise 84, Charing Cross Road Londres Passionn E, Maniaque, Un Peu Fauch E, Extravagante, Miss Hanff R Clame Frank Doel Les Livres Introuvables Qui Assouviront Son Insatiable Soif De D Couvertes Vingt Ans Plus Tard, Ils S Crivent Toujours Et La Familiarit A Laiss Place L Intime, Presque L Amour Dr Le Et Pleine De Charme, Cette Correspondance Est Un Petit Joyau Qui Rappelle Avec Une D Licatesse Infinie Toute La Place Que Prennent, Dans Notre Vie, Les Livres Et Les Librairies. An easy 5 stars I listened to this lovely short audiobook It s completely charming The voices are perfect And in an odd way it reminded me of what I love about Goodreads Strangers connecting over their mutual love of boo I love this book and love the film they made of it too It is sloppy and sweet and warm and, you know, just right It is the sort of book one could read in an hour or two over a pot of tea on a cold winter s afternoon and just enjoy Pure delight.If you needed to be reminded that love of literature is as good a foundation of love of the world as any o Loved every single page of this wonderful little novel, told in letters The lost art of letter writing, but amazing how much we can tell of the relationship between the author in New York and a bookstore in London Requesting books to be sent to her she makes the acquaintance of Frank Dole, his wife, his neighbor and other employees of the bookstore Starts out as a purely business relationship we ca A beautiful, sincere and humorous correspondence between a writer in New York Helen looking for unique books all the time and having them shipped over from Europe and a bookstore manager in London over the years Fun, nostalgic read with a smile. Lovely Charming A book lover s book. 84, Charing Cross Road

About the Author: Helene Hanff

Helene Hanff April 15, 1916 April 9, 1997 was an American writer Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is best known as the author of the book 84 Charing Cross Road, which became the basis for a play, teleplay, and film of the same name.Her career, which saw her move from writing unproduced plays to helping create some of the earliest television dramas to becoming a kind of professional New Y

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