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The Silver Sword In this heartwarming mid 20th century classic, which I loved as a child, four brave Polish kids escape the horrors of the Nazi regime and embark on a perilous journey through war torn Europe, finally to reach a Western country and be put in A Moving Account Of A Journey Through War Torn Europe.Alone And Fending For Themselves In A Poland Devastated By War, Jan And His Three Homeless Friends Cling To The Silver Sword As A Symbol Of Hope As They Travel Through Europe Towards Switzerland, Where They Believe They Will Be Reunited With Their Parents, They Encounter Many Hardships And Dangers. I first read Ian Serraillier s novel The Silver Sword when I was 12 All these years later I had vague memories of what the story was about, but very vivid memories of having loved it We read it in school and so it wasn t a book that I d actually come across elsewhere One day, while perusing the selection at Book Closeouts I came across the book and decided to order it I wondered, after all these years, if it would stand up Some childhood books do and some don t The Silver Sword is the story of Polish siblings Ruth, Edek and Bronia When the Nazis invade Warsaw in 1940 their father, Joseph, and mother, Margrit, are taken away leaving the children, then aged 13, 11 and 3, to fend for themselves We hear a little bit about the father who manages to escape a couple years later and make his way back to Warsaw There he encounters a young ruffian named Jan It s part luck and part contrivance that the children should meet up with Jan and together they set off for Switzerland in search of their parents.I am sad to say that The Silver Sword wasn t a magical experience the second time around The story is simplistic, the characters are one dimensional and the happy ending is unrealistic That said, it in no way diminishes my memories of what This is a wonderful book The novel tells the poignant story of a group of children s search for their parents in World War II ravaged Europe The story revolves around the siblings Ruth, Edek and Bronia, and their friend Jan a resourceful but eccentric, street smart kid The siblings had a happy life in with their family in Poland But, one day the Nazis would come for them and their world would turn upside down Somehow they would flee and learn to survive on the streets Ruth, the elder sister, would take on the role of the mother More misfortune would follow The siblings would get separated Ruth would make a friendship with Jan, who would help with stuff he managed to get Ultimately, the siblings would reunite and together with Jan, they would embark on a journey towards Switzerland There would be hardships, but there were many generous people, from all walks of life, who would help the children.There is adventure, danger, tragedy and surprisingly a little bit of humor in the story But, the most inspiring theme of the book is home The silver sword, after which the novel is named, is nothing but a humble paperknife belonging to the siblings father This would become a symbol of hope for the children.The author has skillfully used themes such as family, friendship, kindness and his portrayal of human nature is commendable He has deftly demonstrated how humans c The Silver Sword is the story of the Balicki family, Joseph and his Swiss wife Margrit and his daughter Ruth, 13, and Bronia, 3, and son, Edek, 11 In 1940, they are living in a Warsaw suburb in Poland during the Nazi occupation of that country, where Joseph is the headmaster in a primary school One day while teaching, Joseph turns a picture of Hitler so it faced the wall His action is reported to the Nazi authorities by a student Joseph is arrested and sent to a prison camp in Zakyna He spends two years in the prison camp, ill but determined to escape, which he finally does manage to accomplish Joseph spends 4 weeks walking back to Warsaw, but when he arrives he discovers that his house has been destroyed, his wife has been arrested and sent to a work camp in Germany, and his children have survived but are no where to be found.At the ruins of his home, Joseph finds a silver letter opener in the shape of a small sword He also meets a young boy there carrying a wood box Eventually he befriends the boy, Jan, who shows Joseph how and where to safely jump a train to Switzerland Before he leaves, he gives the silver sword letter opener to Jan and asks him to tell his children, should he run into them, that The Silver Sword is an epic tale of a family who were separated when the Nazi s invaded Poland in 1940 The story centres on the Balicki family, who consisted of the mother Margrit, the father Joseph and their 3 young children Ruth, Bronia and Edek With their father taken to a prison camp and their mother captured as a slave, the three children were left to fend for them self in a country ravaged by the Nazis The name of the book, The Silver Sword is significant, as this sword belonged to Joseph, the father of the Balicki children and throughout the book it is a constant beacon of hope in a story so heart wrenching Upon escaping from the prison camp, Joseph meets a ragged young boy called Jan and gives Jan the sword instructing him that if he ever encounters his children to send them towards the safety of their grandparents home in Switzerland While the three young children struggle, things go from bad to worse as Edek the Balicki brother is arrested for smuggling With the girls on their own they return to the remains of their former home were they meet Jan, the young boy Escape from Warsaw by Ian Serraillier, originally titled The Silver Sword, is the adventure story of a family which was separated during the war Their father protests Nazi Germany s tyranny and is taken to a prison camp which he later escapes from Their mother is taken away to work for the Nazis This leaves Ruth, Edek, and little Bronia alone, trying to survive in a hostile land.Though based on true events, the characters were made up for the purposes of t 3.5 stars Full thoughts here and yes, this is really my Escape from Warsaw review but the British title is The Silver Sword and I like that way better Based on a true story, this novel is the story of four children travelling through war ravaged Europe during World War Two I first read this novel while I was in secondary school and I recently found it again in a box of old books when I was cleaning out my attic I remembered loving it back when I was 13 b Definitely a classic A fast moving and personal account of Polish children searching for their parents who had been taken from them in World War II In my opinion it s a engaging read than I Am David.

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Ian Serraillier was a British novelist and poet He was also appreciated by children for being a storyteller retelling legends from Rome, Greece and England Serraillier was best known for his children s books, especially The Silver Sword 1956 , a wartime adventure story which was adapted for television by the BBC in 1957 and again in 1971.He was born in London, the eldest of four children His f

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