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Within Reason She Had Her Reasons Charity Winnifred Bradford Wasn T The Type To Do Anything Crazy Or Impulsive And If She Did Want To Do Something Outrageous Like Run Off To Tennessee And Blow All Her Money On A Horse She Figured That We Her Business It Certainly Wasn T Adam Stiles S She And Adam Had Grown Up Together In Millbrook, Vermont But That Didn T Give Him The Right To Come Running After Her And Sticking His Nose Where It Didn T Belong Char Knew That Adam Didn T Even Particularly Like Her So Why Was He Acting All Concernedas Though He Were In Love

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    Charity Bradford Divorcee, smart, level headed, and dearly loved by her best friend beth, and Daughter Emily As a Lawyer who was known for being the best in the court room , and respected by her clients why would she d

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