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The God Delusion A Preeminent Scientist And The World S Most Prominent Atheist Asserts The Irrationality Of Belief In God And The Grievous Harm Religion Has Inflicted On Society, From The Crusades To 9 11.With Rigor And Wit, Dawkins Examines God In All His Forms, From The Sex Obsessed Tyrant Of The Old Testament To The Benign But Still Illogical Celestial Watchmaker Favored By Some Enlightenment Thinkers He Eviscerates The Major Arguments For Religion And Demonstrates The Supreme Improbability Of A Supreme Being He Shows How Religion Fuels War, Foments Bigotry, And Abuses Children, Buttressing His Points With Historical And Contemporary Evidence The God Delusion Makes A Compelling Case That Belief In God Is Not Just Wrong But Potentially Deadly It Also Offers Exhilarating Insight Into The Advantages Of Atheism To The Individual And Society, Not The Least Of Which Is A Clearer, Truer Appreciation Of The Universe S Wonders Than Any Faith Could Ever Muster.

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    Well, this settles it once and for all There is no God Which turns out to be a good thing, considering the God most Americans believe in is a crazy, vengeful, ego maniacal monster Dawkins insights are so cunning and profound you can t help feeling embarrassed for the believer.Some of the main arguments Believer 1 The diversity of life is too complex to be rand

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    This is perhaps the worst polemic against religion I have ever read Really, if Dawkins actually knew anything about religion, he wouldn t have written the book Instead, he knows nothing about the subject, and so if you know nothing about something, you don t even KNOW when you say stupid things For instance, Dawkins brings up John Hartung s article about love thy neighb

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    I am not an atheist, but neither am I a true believer I borderon agnostic , that is to say I believe there is some force beyond this Earth and that I don t know what it is, but I don t subscribe to any particular set of beliefs, per se.Until I come across books like this one Then, I get an irrational urge to defend spiritual beliefs but not religion, and that s another discussion

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    The God Delusion Why there almost certainly is no God I have been a big fan of Dawkins from the time I read The Selfish Gene This book does nothing to damage that, even though it is not as logically cohesive as The Selfish Gene The God Delusion is easier to argue with and maybe even win, if only in my mind Dawkins argues mostly against the Christian God that created earth and knows nothing

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    Athiests have been ranked as one of the least trusted groups, and the oft repeated notion that atheism is the same as amorality is always saddening A common argument I ve encountered isif you don t believe in god, then what s to stop you stealing, raping, and killing as often as you likeAnd of course, I do steal, rape, and kill as often as I like to which is not at all.However, if you turn the question around

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    I must admit that I was somewhat taken aback when Donald Trump suggested the US should deny entry to Muslims and require them all to carry ID cards But having had time to get over the initial shock and consider it on its merits, the idea has definitely started to lookattractive The only problem is that Trump doesn t go far enough.Come on, we need to be realistic here half measures won t help We simply have to face up t

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    THE GOD DELUSION BY RICHARD DAWKINS Dawkins latest book is as brutal and honest as its title For those who aren t looking to have their faith and beliefs gravely challenged, you may want to skip this book Though Dawkins is looking for everyone to read this book with an open mind, whether you re devoutly religious, agnostic or atheist Having an open mind is actually one of the New Ten Commandments Dawkins cites The book begins in

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    Ok, we get it Religion is bad Christianity is evil, Islam is maniacal, and all other religious zealots are out of their mind I guess Dawkins is rightpublic hospitals, orphanages both Christian inventions in the West , as well as communal values all have destroyed Occidental culture I wish we still practiced exposing infants i.e literally throwing out unwanted babies, as made popular by the ancients Although there seems to be correlation b

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    I thought the very best point this book made came right at the beginning Dawkins reports on surveys carried out in the US, where subjects received a description of an otherwise sympathetic political candidate, and were asked whether they would still vote for them if one extra feature were added Would it still be OK if they were a woman 90% or so say yes Black Yes Well, we have hard evidence on that now Gay Most people still say yes Atheist Half the

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