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La pregunta de sus ojos Benjam N Chaparro Es Un Detective Retirado Que Todav A Sigue Obsesionado Por La Brutal, D Cadas De Antig Edad Violaci N Y Asesinato De Una Joven Casada En Su Propio Dormitorio Mientras Intenta Escribir Un Libro Sobre El Caso, L Revisita Los Detalles De La Investigaci N Cuando Busca En El Pasado, Chaparro Tambi N Recuerda El Principio De Su Largo, Y No Correspondido Amor Por Irene Hornos, Por Aquel Entonces Solamente Una Pasante, Ahora Una Respetable Juez

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    I appreciated the subtle art of this tale of compromised justice and unfulfilled love in the context of life under the brutal regime in Argentina in the 60 s and 70 s Benjam n Chaparro is an administrative clerk who helps coordina

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    The brevity or prolonging the life of a human being depends primarily on the flow of pain that person is forced to endureEduardo SacheriEduardo Sacheri, an Argentinean author, has penned a gripping novel, The Secret in Their Eyes which

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    After watching this book s film adaptation the Argentinian version three separate times, it was about time I read the novel it was based on.I absolutely love the film, and now I enjoyed the book It s all about the characters, specially that

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    This book was amazing I am amazed that a mystery with such an intricate plot could have been made into a movie, and an Oscar winning movie to boot Sacheri s book rates as my top mystery of the year, maybe even longer.Recently retired judicial of

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    9 10 La pregunda de sus ojos I like the sound of the Spanish title, the melodic twang that tempts me to put on an album by Astor Piazzolla in the background I knew what to expect, after watching and loving the movie version that won an Oscar for Best

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    This novel was so interesting and compelling that I finishedthan half of the book in one day I literally couldn t put the book down Having watched the film, I thought that I wouldn t be as engaged with the book because I knewor less how the story was goin

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    This author employs some stylistic affectations ranging from the merely distracting to the downright annoying The worst of these quirks is the frequent interruptions from the main character narrator so he can tell you about his writing process These constant s

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    Benjam n Chaparro is a retired detective who is writing a book about a murder case he worked on years ago, and as he revisits the details of the investigation he also recalls the beginning of his long, unrequited love for Irene Hornos, then just an intern, now a re

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    A few years ago I watched the Oscar winning Argentinian movie El Secreto de Sus Ojos 2009 vt The Secret in Their Eyes , and absolutely adored it I bored people by recommending it to them not once or twice but incessantly For the same reason, I ve avoided the 2015 Hollyw

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    Beautiful writing or possibly translation I m never quite sure when I m reading a book in translation, but I suppose the original works must be well written or the translation wouldn t be The main character is a flawed individual who is at times bland, at times frustrating,

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