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Debt Price (Master/Other, #2) He Kept His Gaze Cast Below The Belt In The Chill Cell, Sweat Was Beginning To Form Now On His Neck, Running Down His Back And Between His Bound Wrists Lord, He Said Softly, I Would Be Glad To Pay To You My Debt In Any Way I Can No One Would Pay His Debt Price To Gain Him Release From Prison So He Sought To Pay It Himself By Offering The Only Thing He Could, His Body But One Man Would RequireConvicted Of Helping To Wage A Campaign Of Terror Against The Lords Who Oppressed The Commoners, The Prisoner Comes To Realize The Full Implications Of What He Has Done All Of His Attempts To Mend What He Has Broken Will Fail Until He Meets A Young Lord Whose Own Struggles Have Just BegunSet In An Imaginary World Based On Renaissance Europe, Debt Price Takes The Reader From The Gritty Punishments Of Prison Life To The Delicately Balanced World Of A Farming Estate, Showing The Slow Healing Of A Prisoner Who Knows Both What It Means To Be Abused, And What It Means To Be The AbuserThis Historical Fantasy Novella Can Be Read On Its Own Or As Part Of Master Other, A Speculative Fiction Series Exploring The Dangers And Sweet Bonds Of Power, Words

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    This book broke my heart All pieces from my shattered heart were scattered in different directions Each page, cast them away, further and further, away from me When I believe hope was lost, and nothing could be saved I had a surprise In one page I found a missing piece Hungry for , knowing there was hope, I keep reading and keep findi

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    I admit, I was ready to dislike this novella as soon as I started it a young man in prison for a nefarious crime killing children has to pay his debt becoming a whore, first raped by the prison guards, and then sold to the relatives of the children he killed I wasn t sure what was worst, the crime he committed or the punishment he was end

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    In theory, I like the idea of an abjectly repentant captive, rescued by an angry but distant nobleman In practice, it didn t quite work for me Maybe the past rapes were too brutal There were several clever reversals of expectations, e.g there really is a plausible explanation of how this firebreathing terrorist could be someone so vulnerable

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    It was well written though the subject matter was disturbing I deducted 2 stars only because the author is guilty of one of my all time pet peeves in the m m genre, namely, overcharging for what is nothan a very short story I think 1 per 100 pages is a fair price 3.99 for only a hundred pages left me feeling ripped off Either flesh out the story

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    My first book by this author Beautifully written, compelling story Page turner to the end.Unfortunately, this writer doesn t seem to do HEA at all Bittersweet endings are nice, in small doses, but I don t know if I want to read story after story KNOWING they re all going to end in tears.

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    I thought this story has a happy ending, but judging by some reviews it seems it doesn t I checked the ending and it doesn t look like a HEA, so I don t think this story is for me

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About the Author: Dusk Peterson

Honored in the Rainbow Awards, Dusk Peterson writes historical speculative fiction with diverse characters historical fantasy, alternate history, and retrofuture science fiction Friendship, romantic friendship, and romance often occur in the stories Visit for e books and free fiction A resident of Maryland, Mx Peterson lives with an apprentice and several thousand books.