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What Phoebe Wants (Harlequin Flipside, #20) It was an OK read, but Harlequin stories better, that I knowI just wish all would get the happily ever after just like Phoebe got Read What Phoebe Wants Harlequin Flipside, 20 Author Cindi Myers Half Of Humanity The Half With The Y Chromosome Seems To Think Mild Mannered Phoebe Frame Is A Pushover Like Her Ex, Her Boss, Oily Used Car Salesmen And The Anonymous Owner Of Those Roving Hands In The Morning Elevator To Name Just A Few But Now She S Got A New Motto And It Starts What Phoebe WantsPhoebe Is Taking Control She S Sitting In The Driver S Seat And She S Not Taking Orders From Anyone Not Even The Hunky Young Thing Who S Captured Her Eye If Jeff Fischer Wants To Hitch A Ride, Then He Better Hang On.Because Before She S Through, Those Ys Will Have Learned A Thing Or Two While Phoebe Frames story is outrageously implausible, one can t help but cheering her on in her efforts to right the wrongs in her world The most improbable thing, for me, was Jeff waiting through the whole book for her to c I ve been reading nothing but YA books for quiet a while now that I m starting to get bored For a change, I decided to read a book that I m so sure almost no one s ever heard of Cindi Myers What Phoebe Wants is a book from my early bookworm life, back when every book I bought, I bought because I liked the cover Lol Yes, I bought t I am not too much in books, but I found this one in my in laws farm I started reading and I found fascinating The way that the writer puts all Phoebe situations is fantastic I did not read any other book from Condo

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