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Sleepless My Name Is Alex Mills And I Have A SuperpowerDon T Be Jealous, It Sucks I Can T Control It My Mind Is A Mutinous SOB That Takes Over When I Go To Sleep I M Just A Girl Trying To Get Some Shut Eye While It Decides To Throw A Rager That Can Land Me Just About Anywhere In The WorldThe Base Of The Eiffel TowerThe Shore On The Coast Of IrelandThe Third Baseline At Wrigley FieldSounds Exciting And Fun Right Wrong My Not So Superpower Is Unpredictable, Uncontrollable And Annoying As Hell It S Also How I Met NickEvery Cloud Has A Silver Lining Nick Is MineNick Is Extraordinary As Well He Can T Feel Fear Never Has, Never Will It S Worked Out For Him As A PJ In The Air Force, One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The Military, But Where It S Not Helpful Is With His Social Skills Nick Is Cold, Distant And ApatheticHe S Also My Hero And If He S To Be Believed, I M HisI First Met Him When He Died And That Wasn T Even The Weirdest Moment Of Our Relationship Neither Is This Moment Here And Now, Trapped Together In An Island Prison On The Behring Sea It S A Long, Strange Story Between His Death And This Prison One Full Of Sheep, Docks, Jabberwocks And A Very Special Stone I Could Tell It To You If You D Like To Hear It I Ve Got Time Contains Mild Language And Sexual Situations

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    A huge thank you to author Tracey Ward for providing an e copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.Sleepless took me by surprise I m not really sure what s going to happen based from the synopsis and it got me confused when I began It was a mix of contemporary, sci fi and paranormal romance It s not in a bad way though, just a curiou

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    Also posted at Oops I Read A Book Again Thank you to Chyna of Lite Rate Ture Book Tours and to Tracey Ward for the review copy This in no way affected my views of the novel.From the get go, the unique premise and characters and the engaging writing grabbed me I immediately felt that I was reading something great, probably a four star read We have o

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    3.5 StarsFor the most part I enjoyed this book During the first 80% or so I could hardly put it down which was surprising because it really wasn t all that action packed This story had a strangely calming effect on me Although it s labeled as a paranormal romance, the focus was actuallyabout the romance than the paranormal, despite the fact that the two

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    3.5 I came across this as a kindle freebie and was like what the hell, why not And what a pleasant surprise The plot felt fresh and original and I enjoyed it for the most part.I laughed, I cried and I mean actual tears ran down my face Let me repeat, tears ran down my face My contacts almost fell out This never happens to me Sure my eyes may water up sometimes

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    started out good but it took a while to get to the good parts I really liked her snarky attitude so that kept my attention and made me feel the book might be able to redeem itself Unfortunately, it wasn t enough to keep me caring enough by the end of the book There was so many things that just didn t add up and I didn t think were relevant to the story If they were

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    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is full of romance, surprise and mystery.I have to admit that I was a bit confused at first about slipping By the end of the book I felt I understood it much better.I loved the cast of characters and the romance between Nick and Alex.I wish the book containedmundane det

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    So, first thing the covers There are two of them.I understand the first one the dock and the moon and I love what it means to the story But the one of the girl and boy kissing that one is gorgeous It made me want to read it and understand And I think it is just as perfect to the story.And what a story it is This book has some of the funniest and real dialogue I ve ever read It

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    What could have beenI really enjoyed the first third of Sleepless the writing was enjoyable, the characters were interesting, and the concept was intriguing.However, about half way into the book, the story fell off drastically for me Character s reinvented their personality, the plot took a step into the ridiculous direction, and things ceased to make sense.

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    4.5 StarsLoooved it Review to come.

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