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Tuf Voyaging 4.75 5 Plot 5 5 Details 4.5 5 Characters 5 5 World building 5 5 Logic 4.75 5 Writing style 5 5 Enjoyment 5 5My very first real sci fi I am so glad I have picked it up The world building is f a n t a s t i c, a The sad truth of history has always been that the unreasoning masses follow the powerful, and not the wise First things first GoT ,. It took me a long time to get ahold of this book I finally received it as a present Don t wait as long as I did to read it this is a great book It s certainly very different from the epic fantasy that Martin has become best known for, but fans of Martin are aware of his breadth of styles.The book collects stories about Haviland Tuf, Ecological Engineer and cat lover , that were originally published separately, but they come together as a coherent novel.The first section is a classic subtraction story Tuf, a minor space trader, owner of the ship Cornucopia Of Excellent Goods At Low Prices , is hired by a diverse group of disreputable types who suspect they know where to find untold booty an intact seedship of a defunct Empire, powerful than anything now known to the galaxy Unfortunately, disreputable characters tend to behave disreputably, and soon infighting and plots occur Due to a combination of ingenuity and luck, Tuf ends up the sole owner of the ship, and sets himself up as an Ecological Engineer, available for hire to fix any sort of planetary problem.Although he has a variety of comissions and adventures, he keeps getting called back to the planet of S uthlam, a place over populated If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.The George R R Martin that also wrote stuff other than the famigerated GoT Tuf Voyaging by George R R Martin I will sit here in the coolness and talk my thoughts to this crystal and I will drink my wine and watch the flyers, the few who still live, as they dance and soar against the night Far off, they look so like shadowgulls above my living sea I will drink my wine and remember how that sea sounded when I was but a Budakhar boy who dreamed of stars, and when the wine is gone I will use the flamer Long silence I can think of no words to say Janeel knew many words and many names, but I buried her this morning Long silence If my voice is ever found Short pause If this is found after the plague star has waned, as the night hunters say it will, do not be deceived This is no fair world, no world for life Here is death, and pl First read 2002Maybe I am biased, loving Martin s work as much as I do, but Tuf Voyaging is a real treat It s about a sarcastic lover of cats who comes into possession of an old Earth Imperial seedship of the Ecological Engineering Corps, and turns himself into an ecological engineer The dialogue in this book is priceless Haviland Tuf takes everything very literally, and responds with gravity and sarcasm that makes me laugh out loud Tuf is a great character and the stories here are so engaging I ve read quite a lot of Martin s work, but other than his ASOIAF universe including the Hedge Knight series, which is a must read for anyone who is a fan of ASOIAF , and the Qu alegr a volver a leer a tito Mart n.El libro muy chuli por cierto Review de calidad ante todo Tuf Voyaging is George Martin s excellent earlier sci fi book It s basically a collection of short stories, all focused on a space traveller named Tuf He is a vegetarian, he lives with several cats, and he has a giant bio engineering spaceship that can clone any kind of life form and grow it in a matter of hours So he travels the galaxy, trying to help worlds with their socioecological problems It s a fun read, if maybe a bit repetitive, and as with any collection of short stories, their quality is varying I particularly liked the S uthlam trilogy Loaves and Fishes Second Helpings Manna from Heaven about an overpopulated planet facing war and global hunger It s an interesting look at More a novel in an unusual format than it is a short story collection, as it s touted, centering around the bizarre and enigmatic Haviland Tuf I love the sense of humor, which remains evenly subtle, and the change in Tuf works very well, from big hearted do gooder to the Lord God Himself as he himself declares in the second to last story, one of my favorites in the book , Tuf shows that there is no such thing as the incorruptible man and the dangers of holding not only such dangerous and advanced technology, but separation from humanity, first bodily, and then in attitude and spirit The stories are uneven, and while I was happy to see Tolly Mune reappear a couple of times, I preferred the individual tales I felt as if the ones that advanced the overall arc were too talky about the ideas of the story, too expository In the very last story, whi So I tried to like this After all, I dig SF and I m a huge George R R Martin fanboy.Which makes it kind of a shame that it REALLY didn t work for me The book is a collection of the Haviland Tuf short stories Tuf is a former space trader who, after agreeing to ferry a motley and untrustworthy crew to the archeological discovery of a lifetime, finds himself in control of the most powerful ship in the universe the last seedship of the long lost Ecological Engineer Corps And therein lies the problem.The point of Tuf is that he s supposed to not be the standard space opera hero He s a chalk white, bald, fat giant instead of a swashbuckling ship s captain He has no crew of merry misfits instead, he prefers the exclusive company of his beloved cats He s polite and eloquent nearly to the point of parody instead of being a merry quipster or deadpan snarker He abhorres violence and physical contact in general , is scrupulously honest, coming on top through his intellect and the power of his seedship.He s also unlikable Not in the sense that he s an anti hero or a despicable character but in the sense that the EPUB Tuf Voyaging By George R.R Martin Wgf2011.eu Haviland Tuf Es Un Ser Curioso Un Mercader Independiente De Gran Corpulencia, Calvo Y Con La Piel Blanca Como El Hueso Es Vegetariano, Bebe Cantidades Ingentes De Cerveza, Come Demasiado Y Le Encantan Los Gatos Adem S, Es Honrado Tuf Consigue Una Enorme Nave Espacial, El Arca, La Nica Superviviente Del Antiguo Cuerpo De Ingenier A De La Vieja Tierra El Arca Es Un Artilugio Desaparecido Hace M S De Mil A Os, Pero Que Revive Gracias A Tuf Y Sus Gatos A Lo Largo De Siete Relatos, Tuf Se Hace Con La Nave, La Repara Y Resuelve Un Sinf N De Problemas Mec Nicos Con La Ayuda De La Ingenier A Ecol Gica, A La Que A Ade Su Astucia E Iron A.

About the Author: George R.R. Martin

George R.R Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies,

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