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The Case of the Savage Statue By Making The Correct Decisions, The Reader Assists The Three Investigators In Defeating A Killer Cult, Whose Members Have Kidnapped A Ransom Victim To Get Their Hands On A Valuable Statue

About the Author: M.V. Carey

Also known as Mary V CareyPersonal Born May 19, 1925, in New Brighton, Cheshire now Merseyside , England brought to the United States in 1925, naturalized citizen in 1955 daughter of John Cornelius an engineer and Mary Alice Hughes Carey Home address in 1993 was 3748 Birch St., Ventura, CA.Ms Carey passed away in 1994.Education College of Mount St Vincent, B.S., 1946.Religion Roman CatholicCareer Coronet, New York City, editorial associate, 1948 55 Walt Disney Productions, Burbank, CA, assistant editor of publications, 1955 69 free lance writer 1969 1994.Member PEN Mystery Writers of America Society of Children s Book Writers Women in Communications.Awards, Honors Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People Award, 1986, for A Place for Allie.Hobbies and Interests Walking on the beach.Writings Novelizations of Walt Disney Motion Pictures With George Sherman WD s Babes in Toyland Golden Press, 1961.WD s The Sword in the Stone Whitman, 1963.The Story of Walt Disney s Motion Picture Mary Poppins Whitman, 1964.WD s The Misadventures of Merlin Jones Whitman, 1964.WD s Donald Duck and the Lost Mesa Ranch Whitman, 1966.The Story of WD s Motion Picture Jungle Book Whitman, 1967.The Story of WD s Motion Picture Blackbeard s Ghost Whitman, 1968 Mrs Brisby s Important Package adapted from film The Secret of NIMH , Golden Press, 1982.Juveniles Raggedy Ann and the Glad and Sad Day , Golden Press, 1972 Little Lulu and the Birthday Surprise, Whitman, 1973 The Tawny, Scrawny Lio and the Clever Monkey Golden Press, 1974 Alonzo Purr, the Seagoing Cat , Western Pub., 1974 The Owl Who Loved Sunshine , Golden Press, 1977 The Gremlin s Storybook , Golden Press, 1984.The Three Investigators Mystery Series Random House The Mystery of the 15 Flaming Footprints, 1971 17 Singing Serpent, 1972 20 Monster Mountain, 1973 21 The Secret of the Haunted Mirror, 1974 23 Invisible Dog, 1975 24 Death Trap Mine, 1976 27 Magic Circle, 1978 29 Sinister Scarecrow, 1979 31 Scar Faced Beggar, 1981 32 Blazing Cliffs, 1981 34 Wandering Cave Man, 1982 36 Missing Mermaid, 1984 39 Trail of Terror, 1984 41 Creep Show Crooks, 1985 43 Cranky Collector, 1987FYF 8 The Case of the Savage Statue, 1987.Other Editor Jane Black, The Indispensables , Hewitt House, 1971 Step by step Candlemaking , Golden Press, 1972 Step by step Winemaking , Golden Press, 1973 Love Is Forever collection of prose and poetry , C.R Gibson, 1975 With George Sherman A Compendium of Bunk , C.C Thomas, 1976 Editor Grandmothers Are Very Special People , C.R Gibson, 1977 A Place for Allie young adult novel , Dodd, 1985.Sidelights Carey told Contemporary Authors I began writing late my first articles and stories were published after I was thirty, and I was motivated by money Money is not a bad motivation The need to eat keeps us from laziness, and the fact that someone is willing to pay to read what we write assures us that we have indeed written I think that writing should be honest and simple, and it should say something about what it means to be a person When God is good to us, we write in such a way that the act of reading becomes a pleasure to those who buy our books This experience doesn t happen all the time, but when it does it is at least as heady as winning the Irish sweepstakes It makes mere competence seem dull It is probably also what makes writing a compulsive occupation some of us are uncomfortable when we are away from our typewriters for any length of time My lifelong ambition, aside from writing, is to finish exploring the American West This should keep me busy for at least another thirty years, since there is a

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    Ich bin eigentlich so gar kein Fan dieser L se deinen eigenen Fall B cher Mich macht es irgendwie nerv s, dass man den berblick ber alle m glichen L sungen verliert Das ging mir hier nicht anders Die fr hzeitigen Enden sind meistens auch bl dsinnig Ab der Mitte des Buches habe ich dann allerdings doch ein wenig Spa beim Lesen und e

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    The endings were surprisingly varied I guess it helps to have kid detectives who can do things and react differently than adults There s really only one or two paths to the full, true ending.There aren t enough fat kids in fiction, let alone adventurous ones like Jupiter Jones and his pals The book s a little dated, with pay phones playing

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    Amo a este autor.

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    Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Perhaps it was because my expectations were rock bottom Don t get me wrong it isn t terribly deep or profound But it s written pretty well by the author of some of my favorite books in the main series , illustrated well and, most of all, lots of fun Read and finished 2012 12 22 in the car on the way to Oak

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