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We 4 5 StarsCW Suicide, Abortion WE is a science fiction novel that takes place in the future, where humanity has begun to colonise space On Earth, the majority of people are fitted with the World Ear, and communicate with images, colours and feelings Paul Munro, our protagonist, is a scientist who has been selected to take part in research on a far out planet As part of conditioning, he has his World Ear removed and must learn how to talk properly another, far permanent part of it, is that his body is altered, his bones are brittle and his fat is removed so he can survive the low gravity on the new station On the station, however, Paul discovers that his predecessor did not die via accident, and that there is something sinister lurking around the mission I first read WE when I was 11 or 12 and thoroughly enjoyed it It was the first proper sci fi book I had read and I lapped up the world and thrills, honestly devouring the story in a matter of hours Now as an adult of 20, who thinks a little critically and understands a bit , I cannot belie In the future everyone on earth is connected shortly after birth to the World Ear and from that point onwards not even speech is necessary When Paul Munro is selected to replace a man on earths furthest outpost and the only one beyond the world ear connections he is about to find what he thought he knew about being human was wrong and tha EPUB We By John G.H Dickinson Oknalubliniec.eu WE ARE THE ONLY HUMANS LEFT In The Furthest, Coldest, Darkest Reaches Of Our Solar System, Paul Munro Is On A Mission From Which He Can Never Return A Desolate Ice Covered Moon Will Be His Home For The Rest Of His Life And Only From Here Can He See What Humanity Has Become A Thriller To Freeze Your Blood To Absolute Zero. A distant moon base crew of four have settled within a protective eco bubble on an icy satellite, orbiting a gas giant at the edge of the solar system Its inhabitants, too far from Earth, have been separated from the World Ear, an advanced electronic network that connects the Earth s population by surgically implanted receivers No longer now are they part of a hive mind of knowledge, shared experience and ideas, but isolated and alone in their thoughts, forced to revert back to using speech as their prime means of communication.The new crew member and central character, Paul Munroe, is finding it difficult to adapt to his newly discovered independence and is frustrated, arrogant, emotionally adolescent and lacking in social skills The author could have run the story aground creating such an unple Very very intriguing concept A man gets disconnected from a 24 7 live feed via special contact lenses and an implant of an upgraded version of the internet facebook twitter to go live on a space station far out in space I loved the wa Very interesting, very different Eery, scientific, technical and definitely other wordly It was quite stark and bleak I stopped reading it and only finished it about 6 months later But looking back on it, I remember just being transported to this new, crazily different and out there place It was like nothing I ve read before John did nothing to Cerebral science fiction at its best Great to see a novel with real science written so engagingly, with real heart, and without trying too hard. WE is another book that I recently received and, with a quick look at the lovely cover and interesting blurb, I wanted to read pretty much right away With the synopsis vague enough not to spoil the story, it raised my interest and made me wonder just how John Dickinson was going to approach a subject such as this separation and isolation within the solar system The first thing that struck me was the writing and how effortlessly he pulled me into a story that is much than it first appears.Paul Munro is separated from the World Ear, the one thing that almost all the population of Earth now use to communicate It can allow instant discussion and interaction while providing a platform to have feedback and opinions at a mere thought Once this has been removed, Paul feels very lonely and had to adjust to life with what feels like inferior and slower interaction However, he has done this for a reason and soon embarks on an eight year frozen voyage across the solar system to his new home where he will take up the position of communications officer on an ice moon where only four humans live, and the World Ear is a distant memory.On this moon he lives with three others Lewis, Van and May and must be a vital part of the team that keeps the moon in operation He must deal with the loss of the Wo From my blog review on Cybermage.seWhat s chilly about WE is the future it paints The Story We are the only Humans left In the furthest, coldest, darkest reaches of our solar system, Paul Munro is on a mission from which he can never return A desolate ice covered moon will be his home for the rest of his life And only from here can he see what humanity has become.A thriller to freeze your blood To absolute zero. I bought this after reading Mark Chitty s excellent review link below and it lived up to my expectations This is one of the best science fiction books i have read in a long time.Earth is a world where everyone is online, all the time, with brain implants that assist them in everything they do Every decision they make is habitually done by asking the net for advise And no one living in the wired society reflects over the situation They never knew anything else.It takes an eight year trip to an icy moon around Jupiter and four humans alone, cut off from Earth to rediscover what it means to be human This is a recurring theme of our times not for the first time in history , what it means to be human, there is even a British TV show called Being human from a fantasy perspective There are many issues with technologies and life sciences today and in the near future that can hold a Damocles Sword of Change over our heads, but I never suspected Social Media of being one of them I understand now that I was wrong, it do have the potential.But there is than one terrifyi

About the Author: John G.H. Dickinson

John Geoffrey Hyett Dickinson born June 1962 is an English author of young adult novels, and has also written one adult novel Lightstep Dickinson lives in Painswick, Gloucestershire with his wife, Pippa Thomson, and two children He is the household cook, an accountant church treasurer when he s not writing.

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