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Breaking the Spell An Innovative Thinker Tackles The Controversial Question Of Why We Believe In God And How Religion Shapes Our Lives And Our Future For A Growing Number Of People, There Is Nothing Important Than Religion It Is An Integral Part Of Their Marriage, Child Rearing, And Community In This Daring New Book, Distinguished Philosopher Daniel C Dennett Takes A Hard Look At This Phenomenon And Asks Why Where Does Our Devotion To God Come From And What Purpose Does It Serve Is Religion A Blind Evolutionary Compulsion Or A Rational Choice In Breaking The Spell, Dennett Argues That The Time Has Come To Shed The Light Of Science On The Fundamental Questions Of FaithIn A Spirited Narrative That Ranges Widely Through History, Philosophy, And Psychology, Dennett Explores How Organized Religion Evolved From Folk Beliefs And Why It Is Such A Potent Force Today Deftly And Lucidly, He Contends That The Belief In Belief Has Fogged Any Attempt To Rationally Consider The Existence Of God And The Relationship Between Divinity And Human NeedBreaking The Spell Is Not An Antireligious Screed But Rather An Eyeopening Exploration Of The Role That Belief Plays In Our Lives, Our Interactions, And Our Country With The Gulf Between Rationalists And Adherents Of Intelligent Design Widening Daily, Dennett Has Written A Timely And Provocative Book That Will Be Read And Passionately Debated By Believers And Nonbelievers Alike.

About the Author: Daniel C. Dennett

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Breaking the Spell book, this is one of the most wanted Daniel C. Dennett author readers around the world.

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    As people who read books on evolutionary theory will know, mice sometimes exhibit bizarre behavior, fearlessly walking into the waiting jaws of cats They do this because they have been infected by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which can only reproduce in a cat s digestive tract the mouse s behavior is thus adaptive, not for the mouse, but rather for the parasite Dennett uses this as his starting point when discussing the nature of religion Maybe religions are like T gondii they

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    To preface my remarks here, I think it is important that I note Dennett s definition of religion and its implications He defines religion as social systems whose participants avow belief in a supernatural agent or agents whose approval is to be sought Two elements of the definition almost cause me panic as I read them The first, the fact that any religion is a social system, suggests to me that since one cannot worship a supernatural agent alone, God, a he most everywhere you look, is r

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    An admirable intellectual, Dennett spends the first several chapters carefully establishing the parameters of his discussion His book addresses the adherents of organized religionspecifically, those who believe that God is a who rather than a what , and who hold certain sets of beliefs without making them available for rational critique The title of Dennett s book, Breaking the Spell, refers his insistence that religious beliefs should be examined logically and scientifically to in An admirabl

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    I can t recommend this highly enough This is not an anti religion screed at all, but comes at the topic of religion as a naturally emerging aspect of humanity in a thoughtful, funny, accessible way It is New Atheist only in that it calls ...

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    This was my fourth attempt at reading Breaking the Spell Back when I first got interested in nonbelief, it was one of four books I purchased physical copies of at the bookstore, along with The God Delusion, God is Not Great, and The End of Faith In fact, it was the first of those four books I decided to read, because I was struggling with my own dwindling faith, and the title seemed the least confrontational so I figured it would be the best to ease myself into things I quickly got tired of t This was my fo

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    If I understood it, the basic thesis of Dennett s arrogantly titled Consciousness Explained was that consciousness is a phenomenon that emerges from the harmonious orchestration of many smaller, dumber subsystems in the brain Among the good ideas in Breaking the Spell is the claim that one of these little modules is an agent detector, and that it s over active, so that people experience the wind as the breath of a God the rain as the God s gift, disease as the presence of exorcisable uncle If I understood it, the

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    I really wanted to like this book, because I d just finished reading The End of Faith and God is Not Great, but this book suffers from lack of conviction Where The End of Faith is the absolute model of conviction, and God is Not Great lays out convincing arguments but takes some of their momentum away with dryly humorous asides , Breaking the Spell has neither conviction nor cleverness.I confess I only read the first couple of chapters, because I lost interest in an author who wasn t willing t I really wanted t...

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    Ve od samog provokativnog naslova nam je jasan cilj knjige, ali ton samog izlaganja je zapanjuju e prijateljski, sa vrlo malo provokacija Izgleda da je autor zaista iskren kada ka e da je knjiga napisana da bi je itali i religiozni ljudi Naravno, on misli na obrazovane i intelektualno po tene ljude, ne na fundamentaliste koji ne prihvataju, na primer, evoluciju ivota Knjiga zvu i kao da je napisana prvenstveno njima Jo jedna od glavnih ciljnih grupa su mu budu i istra iva i.Da bi uop te Ve od samog provokativnog naslova nam je

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    I considered for the first time that teaching a child religion might be a form of child abuse I learned that there might be bio evolutionary reasons why religions develop and that when we come to see that religion is invented, we need to remember to be gentle with others who might not have seen that Nonetheless, we owe it to ourselves to consider the costs of religion It might be that it harms our worldthan helps it If religions were based in fact, we would have to accept that Since t I considered for the first time that teaching a ch

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    The problem is that there are good spells and then there are bad spells If only some timely phone call could have interrupted the proceedings at Jonestown in Guyana in 1978, when the lunatic Jim Jones was ordering his hundreds of spellbound followers to commit suicide If only we could have broken the spell that enticed the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo to release sarin gas in a Tokyo subway, killing a dozen people and injuring thousandsIf only we could figure out some way today to break t The problem is that there are good spells and then ther

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