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A First Chance At Love It S Been A Few Months Since Aiden And Liam Took Their Places As Alpha, Avery Is Still Standing By Aiden S Side As His Loyal Protector But Something Is Kind Of Getting In The Way Of His Duty, And That Thing Or Should He Say Person Is The Beyond Annoying And Persistent Caleb Carmichael After The Whole Ordeal With Zackary, Caleb And His Twin Sister Robin Are Settled Now At The Blue Moon Pack House Robin Has Found Her Mate But Caleb Doesn T Want On Know Nothing Good Would Come Of It But He Does Want The Sexy And All So Serious Avery Chandler So How Is He Going To Crack The Constant Wall That Avery Has Up And Get Under That Thick Hide Of His And How Come Every Time You Finally Get What You Want Something Always Has To Come Along And Ruin It

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    Second book in this series and I m hooked Maybe its because its about werewolves or maybe it the cute romances, i dont know but i cannot seem to put this series down Liam and Aiden have became like a celebrity couple in the werwolf community but being the first gay alpha couple, every pack

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    Amazing Loved it

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    I really love it Avery and Caleb

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    4.5 really good again same problem as the first bookgrammar mistakes.

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