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Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life You Cannot Bounce Back From Hardship You Can Only Move Through It There Is A Path Through Pain To Wisdom, Through Suffering To Strength, And Through Fear To Courage If We Have The Virtue Of ResilienceIn , Eric Greitens Unexpectedly Heard From A Former SEAL Comrade, A Brother In Arms He Hadn T Seen In A Decade Zach Walker Had Been One Of The Toughest Of The Tough But Ever Since He Returned Home From War To His Young Family In A Small Logging Town, He D Been Struggling Without A Sense Of Purpose, Plagued By PTSD, And Masking His Pain With Heavy Drinking, He Needed Help Zach And Eric Started Writing And Talking Nearly Every Day, As Eric Set Down His Thoughts On What It Takes To Build Resilience In Our LivesEric S Letters Drawing On Both His Own Experience And Wisdom From Ancient And Modern Thinkers Are Now Gathered And Edited Into This Timeless Guidebook Resilience Explains How We Can Build Purpose, Confront Pain, Practice Compassion, Develop A Vocation, Find A Mentor, Create Happiness, And Much Eric S Lessons Are Deep Yet Practical, And His Advice Leads To Clear SolutionsWe All Face Pain, Difficulty, And Doubt But We Also Have The Tools To Take Control Of Our Lives Resilience Is An Inspiring Meditation For The Warrior In Each Of Us

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    Wow this book has so many five star reviews I can see its appeal but the man up and serve your duty HOOOAH military thinking combined with Greek philosophy wasn t what I was looking for I picked up this book because I wanted to a deeper und

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    In a different time, a different place this would not be a 5 star book but for our culture and our time it is a reminder of virtues and values we have almost lost It takes the form of a series of letters from one former SEAL to another one suffering

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    Fantastic book by Navy Seal and PhD Eric Greitens, who also wrote The Heart and the Fist another recommended read and who has been named one of the most influential leaders in America.This book is packed with practical wisdom about how to best live one s life

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    Before you read another word of this, go buy this book, bring it into your home and read it, or maybe read it in the bookstore, or read it on your tablet, or have someone read it to you Just read it Then sit quietly for a moment, and read it again OK, I haven t quite do

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    This is THE BEST self help book I ve ever read One of the best books I ve ever read of all time Not all of the information or suggestions were new to me, but the author has a way of putting them together AND he gives plenty of examples to demonstrate concepts or how to put things

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    The format of the book follows a series of correspondence between two Navy Seals, back in the civilian world One is failing to cope, the other is trying to help The author s letters are filled with references to philosophy, poetry, and basic self help principles The core of the book revolv

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    This is the best book I ve read all year, and certainly one of the best I ve read in the last few This book offers a lot of wisdom for someone looking to engage life s challenges and grow along the way Greitens applies the principles he learned with the SEALS and timeless wisdom from Socrates to Sen

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    Fantastic book I would give it five stars but for the pervasive even men can read books and have feelings too theme I don t fault the author for weaving that into his otherwise really well written book since his target seems to be guys who believe being manly involves not reading or acknowledging emotions bey

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    I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads program.It s very unusual for me to abandon a book unfinished Since I ve decided to put this book on the back shelf for an undetermined amount of time, I feel like I should explain why.The section that I can t get past is as follows Here s where this gets tough Ima

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    My favorite quote from this book We all need something to struggle against and to struggle for The aim in life is not to avoid struggles but to have the right ones not to avoid worry, but to care about the right things not to live without fear, but to confront worthy fears with force and passion Eric Greitens is a serious warrio

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