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The Knight's Kiss Free Read The Knight S Kiss Radingbooks.run HE LIVED IN ONCE UPON A TIME When Beautiful Princess Isabella Of San Rimini Needed An Expert To Probe The Secrets Of The Royal Palace, All Roads Led Directly To Dark, Mysterious Nick Black A Contemporary Example Of Potent Masculinity If Ever There Was One Yet Thanks To A Medieval Curse, Nick Black Had Been Around For A Long Timea Very Long Time In Fact, Once He D Been Known As Domenico, An Overzealous Knight Who Would Never Know Peace Or Mortality Until He Learned To Put Someone Else S Welfare Above His Own In Taking This Assignment, Nick Hoped To Find An Ancient Trick To Break The Spell Little Did He Know That Close Contact With Her Lovely Highness, Isabella, Might Help Him To Find Mortality And Love The Old Fashioned Way

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    I hate to compare myself with Rita Mae Brownbut I do miss the subjunctive, and all those boring bits of English grammar so rarely seen these days The story was lovely, but I do wish that editors, at least, were still well versed in the liberal arts.

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    Interesting plot but this book really needed an few hundred pages to flesh out the characters and 800 years of life I d have stuck with it too Was just too short to really explore the story and the relationship.

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