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Backward Club Owner Harry Klinger Has Had His Eye On Tristan Martin For Months, But Never Had The Nerve To Approach Him He S Watched As Tristan Dated Eddie And Then Reluctantly Sat On The Sidelines During The Emotional Breakup When Tristan Discovered Eddie Was Dealing Drugs Now That Tristan Seems To Be Healing, Harry Hopes To Get His ChanceWhen Eddie Sends His Men Into Harry S Club To Harass Tristan, Harry Steps In To Help Tristan Is Reluctant At First Since He Admittedly Has Terrible Taste In Men, But Harry Seems Genuine, And Tristan Can T Help But Think Harry S Sexy As Well And Begins To Hope For Happiness For Both Of ThemUnfortunately, Eddie Isn T Behaving Rationally, Sampling Too Much Of His Own Product With His Determination To Take Tristan Back, It Ll Take Than Harry S Help To Keep Tristan Safe As Eddie Ratchets Up His Attempts To Get What He Wants

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    WTF happened I LOVED the first 2 in this series This one Not so much Sigh Why did I get the feeling Harry was a badass, too, like Bull and Spook Should have known with a name like Harry Then we get Tristan who would rather talk about his ex in bed than Harry I know Tristan has a lot going on with Eddie, but LEAVE IT OUT OF THE BED What was the age difference between these two It seemed like a lot.For me this woul

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    The third book in the Bronco s Boys series is a thriller with a punch Bronco s is a club for gay men, owned by Bull and Harry Bull is the face of the club but Harry is the company man who manages the business The first book in the series, Inside Out, is Bull s, where he unexpectedly found love with Zach The second book, Upside Down, features Spook and Jeremy Bull and Spook have a sketchy past but they seem to have put it b

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    My humble opinion, this sequel in not as good as the previews ones, still enjoyable though.Tristan behaved so immature that it seems evenyears difference between him and Harry.Harry, why do you want to be with this kid it s just a mystery to me Well, if there is any hope for this kid, Tristan might reach his maturity when he is in his 30 s and Harry you will be on your way to retirement.

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    Backward is book three in Andrew Grey s wildly popular series, Bronco s Boys I thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments, and sat down with expectations of the same with this addition Since I knew the author continued to have former main characters of the series featured prominently in each successive book, I was eagerly anticipating visiting with the fabulous four , Zach, Tristan, Kevin, and Jeremy, along with Bull and Lowell It s a fami

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    This is the 3rd book in this series While I enjoyed it, not as much as the other two I found this one just not the same I would have like a littlebackground on Harry, there was just something missing with his character I didn t get the same feeling like I did with Bull and Spook Those two characters were explained and you could see where they were coming from, but with Harry, not really It started out good, but then unfortunately fell a little flat for

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    1.5 stars I m having a hard time formulating my thoughts I skipped over this book at first, since I was iffy on it and the cover reminded me of Trusting Thomas, which I felt so so about But when I saw that the audio version was available I figured I d give it a shot Sometimes a book that you devote the time to reading annoys you, but when listened to in snippets during your commute it works as a light little interlude This was not the case here Although to be fa

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    This series is so good If you ve not read them yet, you really need to read them in order They are all connected And some coincide with others There could also be some triggers for some, as with books 1 2, you deal with Bull and Spook who were mercenaries And the past seems to keep catching up with them This time though, it s Tristan s past coming back to haunt him and also Harry s And they have to find a way out of the situation with psychos It s a great series, with bad

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    Well, this is the first book by Andrew Grey I ve read, and I don t think being a fan of his work is anywhere in my immediate future I get why some people really like this book, but it just didn t hold up for me There were so many plot holes, technicality flaws, and dialogue mishaps that I had a hard time not chucking the whole thing and reading something else But I paid for it, and it didn t entirely piss me off, so I carried on The premise was good, but the execution was lackluste

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    Okay, I m struggling a bit with this review Here s the thing the Bronco s Boys series has been fun so far The first book,

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    ARC reviewTristan Martin is a force of nature He is beautiful, energetic, almost like a shining star, wild and unpredictable Unfortunately he continually chooses lovers that take what they need without really taking care of Tristan Most recently it was drug dealer Eddie who wanted to own Tristan, like a car or a dog, wanted to control him Tristan has never had a lover that took his feelings, his wants, his needs into consideration So when Harry tries to show him all that and , Trista ARC reviewTristan

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