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Type and Image: The Language of Graphic Design This Illustrated Guide For Professional Designers And Students Is Filled With Successful Graphic Designs Using Type And Image, Revealing The Very Essence Of Graphic Design The Elements That Combine To Form A Design Signs, Symbols, Words, Pictures And Supporting Forms Are Analyzed And Explained How Graphics Function As Language And The Innovative Ways That Designers Combine Words And Pictures Are Discussed After Defining Design As A Problem Solving Process, A Model For This Process Is Developed And Illustrated By Actual Case Histories While Most Material About Form And Meaning In Design Have A European Origin, This Volume Shows Examples By Many Of America S Outstanding Graphic Designers

About the Author: Philip B. Meggs

Philip B Meggs charted new territory in the field of graphic design history His authoritative survey A History of Graphic Design was the first attempt at creating a definitive and linear history of the graphic design profession, charting its progress from the marks found in the caves of Lascaux to experimentation with digital media in the late 1990s The book quickly became standard reading for young designers and for many still, it provides their first introduction to the exciting back story of their chosen profession.read

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