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Pierre Omg I love this book so muchI was looking forward to this book to see hope Pierre evolved and he has become a much rounded character rather than just a villain Rosa is perfect for him as she gives him shrift for his misdeeds She is perfect for him After all if Gustav and Serena see good in him it must be there Well done Primula please don t do anything to drastic as to pull these two apart I would love to see them both together for good. The Sequel To The Bestselling Silver Chain TrilogyPierre Levi Fears That The Hit And Run Which Nearly Killed Him Was The Only Thing Capable Of Stopping His Destructive Behaviour Now He S Torn Between His Desire For Reconciliation With His Brother, Gustav, And His Attraction To Serena, Gustav S Girlfriend.When Rosa Cavalieri, A Nurse At The Exclusive Aura Clinic, Meets The Traumatised Pierre Levi In Room 202 She Is Determined To Get Him Back On His Feet.She Is Rehabilitating Her Own Broken Heart Too While He Is Distrustful Of Himself And Everyone Around Him When Their Playful Teasing Moves Into Fantasy, Game Playing And Genuine Attraction, Rosa Realises She Is Falling For Pierre.But The Recovery That Rosa Has Worked So Hard To Achieve For Pierre Is Also Beginning To Pull Them Apart And If Pierre Cannot See That Rosa S Talents Make Her The Perfect Match For Him, He Ll Lose Her For Good. Pierre Is another one of those stories of rich And broken men in need of salvation From a woman Not meant for him What makes This story different Is Primula s wonderful skills In story telling Unlike her previous unbreakable trilogy which focuses on raw erotica And voyeurism, Pierre is onto feelings And The power of love And redumption Primula s writing Is So well mastered that one can feel And live vividly every emotions the characters go through It s unlike her Style To focus on the romantics, but you can still find her signature In The numerous and graphically written sex scenes If You are fond of heroic love story with happy endings, I strongly recommend To dig into the moving story of Pierre. 4.25 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date January 28, 2016Pierre Levi fears that the hit and run which nearly killed him was the only thing capable of stopping his destructive behaviour Now he s torn between his desire for reconciliation with his brother, Gustav, and his attraction to Serena, Gustav s girlfriend.When Rosa Cavalieri, a nurse at the exclusive Aura Clinic, meets the traumatised Pierre Levi in room 202 she is determined to get him back on his feet.She is rehabilitating her own broken heart too while he is distrustful of himself and everyone around him When their playful teasing moves into fantasy, game playing and genuine attraction, Rosa realises she is falling for Pierre.But the recovery that Rosa has worked so hard to achieve for Pierre is also beginning to pull them apart And if Pierre cannot see that Rosa s talents make her the perfect match for him, he ll lose her for good REVIEW 4.25 stars PIERRE is the sequel story line to Primula Bond s contemporary, adult THE SILVER CHAIN erotic, romance trilogy Leading man Pierre Levi is the younger and much troubled brother of Gustav Levi the dark and dangerous hero from The Silver Chain trilogy, and Pierre is recovering from an horrific accident that has left him in a continuing care facility dependent upon others for all of his needs Enter nursing aide carer Rosa Cavalieri the woman who will nurse Pierre back to health, and break down the barriers he has erected around his heart PIERRE can be read as a stand alone but for cohesion, backstory, and the heartbreaking history between Gustav and Pierre, I recommend reading The Silver Chain trilogy before attempting Pierre.Told from first person point of view Rosa PIERRE focuses on the rehabilitation of Pierre s mind, body and soul following a near fatal accident that wasn t an accident at all Pierre s reputation in the world of entertainment, and his rocky relationship with his brother precedes his introduction to our leading heroine and the clinic staff but Rosa sees something behind the beautiful fa ade of the broken man, and she is willing to risk everything to help in become the man he should have been.PIERRE is a passionate and seductive story of romance with sexually graphic text and language, as well as some flirtation with F F sexual scenarios Gustav and Serena The Silver Chain Series play a small cameo role, as well as Serena s best friend Polly who has a history with the younger Levi brother The premise is a sensual and emotional tale about a man who believes he will never be good enough The characters are exquisite, intense and consuming the romance is impassioned full of anguish, and full of hope The sexual tension is palpable and energetic Primula Bond turns a tragic character into a beloved man.Copy supplied by the publisherwww.thereadingcafe.com OMFG Where do i start with this review, im still in tears from reading it Talk about emotional For readers to understand Pierre you need to read The Unbreakable Trilogy which is based on Pierre s brother, Gustav and his beautiful lady, Serena Pierre has done alot of things wrong in his life and has hurt endless amount of people including his brother Gustav s ex wife Margot ran a car directly at Pierre, she almost killed him He thinks he deserved it for everything he has done, he depressed, broken and nothing like the cocky b d he once was Until he meets beautiful carer, Rosa Rosa sees pasts his injuries, his moodiness and his scars, old and new, inside and out She pushes him in everyway to bring him back to himself But he will never be the person he was before She has fixed his broken soul I never dreamt that i would be happy to see Pierre falling in love as i know what he was like before the accident But with each page i read and the depth growing between Pierre and Rosa, the pages were buzzing with their sexual energy and the love growing, you could feel the strength of it Amazing Primula has done it again and written one hell of a kickass book with such emotion i went through tissuses like water A big fat 10 10 read and if i could give than 5stars i would, with pleasure Reviewed by Tracy LadiesOfLoveBookBlogAndGraphics

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