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Equal Rites (Discworld, #3; Witches, #1) On Discworld, A Dying Wizard Tries To Pass On His Powers To An Eighth Son Of An Eighth Son, Who Is Just At That Moment Being Born The Fact That The Son Is Actually A Daughter Is Discovered Just A Little Too Late The Town Witch Insists On Turning The Baby Into A Perfectly Normal Witch, Thus Mending The Magical Damage Of The Wizard S Mistake But Now The Young Girl Will Be Forced To Penetrate The Inner Sanctum Of The Unseen University And Attempt To Save The World With One Well Placed Kick In Some Enchanted Shins Reissue

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    I just recently re visited this book after a couple years away from it What s , I ve just recent re read several of therecent Witch novels from Pratchett, so they re fresh in my head Granny Weatherwax is one of my favorite characters of Pratchett s, and as a

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    The problem with Terry Pratchett is that you keep wanting to read the good bits out loud In this particular case, I d just reached the line Her dress would have been both clinging and revealing, if it had had anything to cling to or reveal Too late, I realized that no

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    If I was not already a Terry Pratchet fan, I would be after reading this exceptional book.Equal Rites, Sir Terry s third installment in the Discworld series is a peach of practical magic Telling the story of a young girl s conflicting talents for wizardry and or witchery.In the

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    The Great Pratchett Re Read Continues The third book begins the real development of the whole Discworld mythos, and rather than focusing on setting, it goes whole hog or Witch into character and a rather deep social issue.It is, at its core, a novel about breaking down the walls that the

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    This was a blast Introducing Witch supreme or that s what I m calling her and that only because of her stare, to say nothing of her actual magical talents And yes, I can totally see Maggie Smith playing her in a movie Esk, 8th son of an 8th son on the Discworld, 8 is the most magical number , who

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    40 n zerinde kitaptan olu an bir Fantastik Seri denilince Diskd nya bana okunmas zor, birbirine ba l , i ine girdi im zaman kamayaca m bir evrenmi izlenimi vermi ti Bu nyarg dan sadece sondaki nerme, i inden kamayaca m k sm ger ek oldu Seve seve kald m bir diyar oldu Fikrine ok g vendi im dostlar m zellikle

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    Similar in spirit to the first two books in the Discworld series, once again we have a delightful duo on a journey, encountering many a merry mishap on the way This book is not as funny as its predecessors, though the plot seemscohesive and a little less meandering Despite the distinct lack of trolls, this is probabl

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    This was a reread for me but it is years since my first read and I did not remember much of it Loved that Death popped up right at the beginning and then Granny Weatherwax made her first appearance Of course this book is vintage Discworld and these two, along with others, appear again and again later in the series and develop

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    I m fairly sure that this is only my second time reading this book since I first devoured the early books of the series back in the late 80s Like The Light Fantastic it s forced a re evaluation of my opinion of the early Discworld books and in a positive way.A dying wizard passes his staff to a destined wizard, the eighth son of an eigh

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    Executive Summary Not as funny or as quotable as The Light Fantastic, but very enjoyable for other reasons Full Review I had to double check the year this was written This book still feels very relevant today.Wizards can only be men Witches can only be women Their magic is different and shouldn t be mixed A women has no place learning to be a wiz

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