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Cultivate Having followed Lara Casey on social media for two years and love how joyful she always is regardless of circumstances I love the imagery of gardening through life having grown up in the garden with my own dad I m inspired to really cultivate what matters in my own life I love using the This book was everything I needed this year I read it over the space of about 4 months I used it as my Sunday book and each time I picked it up I needed that particular message so badly I don t think it s one I would read quickly because It would be a little too much and not allow for time to digest Download Cultivate Lara Casey Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Guide To Embracing Imperfect Progress And Making What Matters Happen, Little By Little.Women Often Feel Like They Have To Have It All Together In Order To Live A Meaningful Life Instead They Feel Inadequate, Overwhelmed, Paralyzed By Fear And Insecurity, And Are Exhausted Simply Trying To Figure Out Where To Begin The Secret To Living A Flourishing Life Isn T In Engineering The Perfect Circumstances Or Having It All Together The Secret Is In The Small, Says Author And Speaker Lara Casey It S Easier Than You Think To Cultivate What Matters It All Starts With A Tiny Seed Welcome To The Journey Of Getting Messy In The Rich Soil Of Possibility Embracing Imperfect, Grace Filled Progress To Grow A Life Of Joy.Written As Part Encouragement Anthem And Part Practical Guide, Cultivate Equips Women To Uncover And Take Action On Goals That Simplify Life Lara S Signature Goal Gardening Steps Release Them From The Pressure To Achieve And Gives Them Freedom To Move From Planning To Planting Readers Will Walk Through Each Season, Finding Balance As They Interact In Fresh Ways With Their Current Life Scenarios, With God, And In The Communities Where They Are Planted You Don T Have To Be Perfect You Just Have To Plant As You Open This Book, You Are Making A Decision To Leave The Dry Soil Behind You Will Lean In And Unrush Your Life And In The Process You Will Unearth Your Purpose Special Features IncludeGoal Gardening Stepsan Eight Week Fruitful Goal Gardening Guide With Questions For Small GroupsGardening 101 To Start Your Own Real Life Flower Or Vegetable GardenFind The Joy And The Freedom That Comes In Cultivating Cultivate Your Faith Don T Fertilize The Fear And Watch How Your Life Flourishes In The Days Ahead This book was so good So many of the chapters were talking about things I desperately needed to hear and be reminded of One of the last chapters about cultivating fruitful friendships was something I especially n More gardening analogies than you ll know what to do with Each one is super beautiful in its own way. This book should really be called Cultivate A God Filled Guide to Growing a Prayerful LifeLike her other book, Cultivate is smack full of God , prayer , and tons of Bible quotes As a non Christian this was completely unappealing and became irritating Casey seems to view anyone who isn t a devoted Christian a charity case who needs to find God She seems to only surround herself with praying friends, her family is religious and she converted her husband too Apart from the religious aspects, the book was okay Nothing new get off your phone, spend time with people, be grateful, be religious, and buy my product that will help you with all of this She turned her metaphor of a garden representing life into a full book, with snippets from her life about her daughter mainly and her gardening This part was not bad The incessant God advice was so annoying that it made me doc 2 3 stars though.Examples of things to cultivate A healthier lifestyle A stronger marriage Intentional connections with family Joy in your I don t know what it was about this book, but I just could not get into it Maybe it was all the gardening references that I just can t relate to in any way, or maybe it was the cheesy, lackluster writing style either way, I just couldn t wait for this book to be over That being said, I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling a little bogged down with life, a little overwhelmed, a little lost on their Cultivate is such a beautiful book Lara is incredibly real and hopeful in her story that she weaves throughout her gardening metaphors This timely book is about going against the culture that is normal and taking the time to really tend to things that matter Gardens don t happen over night and she reminds us that a life worth living doesn t either It takes time, energy, persistence, water, sun, and just a little bit of trust that something is happening under the surface to grow a garden, and our lives are the same It s hard to remember that What a beautiful, life giving book from the joyful Lara Casey This book came into my life just when I needed it most however, it is one of those books that will meet you where you are, in whatever season of life you are in As a self described unlikely gardener, Lara uses gardening and other metaphors from nature to describe how we should view life s difficulties, set goals, and grow an intentional life Lara gives practical, Biblically sound tips to cultivate a life that glorifies God Throughout the book, Lara will lovingly convict you to consider your priorities and goals using Cultivate It prompts, good for journaling or just for pausing to think After each chapter, she summarizes by pulling out succinct phrases from the chapter called Seeds of Grace and Truth, which are perfect to help you remember the main ideas It I liked the idea of this book I also loved, loved all the gardening references I m big on gardening and I could relate to those analogies In that way, this book spoke my language But this felt like a talk I d hear in church, and less like a book This book is very positive and it brings in how important faith is in living a peaceful

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Hi, y all I m Lara I m a mom to three one through the gift of adoption, a grateful wife, and a believer in the impossible we have quite the story If we were having tea together right now, you d find out quickly that I m passionate about helping people get unstuck, unrushed, and living on purpose instead of by accident To help with those things, I created the PowerSheets grace filled goal s

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