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In the Wolf's Mouth En La Boca Del Lobo Es Una Novela Sobre La Guerra Y La Mafia, La Inocencia Y La Corrupci N, Y La Historia Como Acumulaci N De Lo Irremediable Ambientada Principalmente En Sicilia Durante La Segunda Guerra Mundial, Relata El Intento De Reconstrucci N De Un Pa S Despu S De Una Violenta Contienda A Trav S De La Mirada De Varios Personajes Will Walker, Oficial Ingl S De Seguridad Sobre El Terreno, Lleva A Cabo Una Tentativa De Dominio Del Gran Juego De La Inteligencia Y La Intervenci N Militares Ray Marfione, Soldado De Infanter A Italoamericano, Experimenta El Devastador Trauma Psicol Gico De La Batalla Hasta Que Poco A Poco, Desde Su Escondite Y Con La Ayuda De Una Princesa Siciliana, Emprende El Largo Camino De Retorno A La Vida Cir Albanese Es Un Mafioso Que Ha Disfrutado De Un Prolongado Y Fruct Fero Exilio En Nueva York Durante Los A Os Del Fascismo Italiano Regresa Para Recuperar Su Vida Anterior, Incluida La Esposa Que Desde Hace Mucho Lo Da Por Muerto Junto A Algunos Amigos Liberados De Prisi N Y Con La Ayuda Inconsciente De Los Aliados, Trabaja Por El Restablecimiento Del Control De La Mafia En Sicilia Escrita En Cap Tulos Cortos De Una Intensidad L Rica Extraordinaria, En La Boca Del Lobo Confronta Los Peque Os Detalles Brillantes De La Experiencia Individual Con Unas Fuerzas Hist Ricas De Contundente Enormidad Es Testigo De Los Esfuerzos De Los Personajes Por Encontrar Alg N Significado En Todo Ello, Por Contarse A S Mismos Historias Que Tengan Sentido Los Numerosos Relatos Se Entrelazan Y Se Separan A Lo Largo De Una Novela Que Registra, Con Toda La Brutalidad Posible, Los Acontecimientos De Dichas Vidas Sin Juzgar Su Significado O Su Valor. While the prose itself struck me as considered and beautiful from the very first pages, I found the prologue less involving than the later sections, but once we re in pastoral England, with Will and his brother and mother and dogs, my ticket was punched And in those first chapters about Will, I found myself admiring something other than Foulds s exquisite prose the blunt, disarming knack he has for shocking readers with the unpredictabilities of life The scene where Will s thoughtful war veteran father simmers and snaps at the dinner table stunned me I was unprepared for the brutal clarity of it all the sudden anachronistic vomiting alongside his chair, the strangeness which he concussed doesn t seem to quite register, his matter of facting his way to his study and promptly dying there This was the moment where I gauged I m in the hands of a writer who really knows what he s doing, what he s capable of From that point, I just marveled at how mercilessly honest Foulds proved to be in his portraiture of these characters Will s callous blindness in his treatment of his mother for all his desire to emulate his father, he can t seem to treat with deference and respect the woman his father loved than himself , not to mention his offensive insistence that the war be about his accomplishments Oh fuck difficulties Do you see what I ve done I ve won England a part of the world vanity disguising itself as honor.Ray s gentle, almost mournful misapprehensio You could say no one is boring if you truly get to know them But what happens if an author doesn t really get to know his characters This novel taught me just how dependent a novel is on its characters It doesn t matter how well you can write or even how potentially compelling your story is if your characters are pasteboard creations without an imaginatively powered inner life they simply won t animate any circumstance they are led into Early on I thought this was going to be a great read It begins with a Mafioso setpiece a Sicilian shepherd is told some of his landlord s sheep will be stolen that night, at the behest of his landlord The writing is gorgeous Foulds is brilliant at sentence writing Misgivings began when the second and especially the third characters were introduced Will is an English soldier, a stickler for propriety, the kind of man who gets incensed if people don t form an orderly queue Ray is an even nondescript American infantryman Soon you begin to suspect Foulds himself wasn t very inspired by this pair and even the prose began to lose its heightened poetical qualities Especially dull was the American Ray I never believed he was American he was like Mr Nobody from Nowhere He has no background, no pulse, no inner demons or angels by which to recognise him He wants to make films but rather in the way children would like to I had expected to see a lot of fiction about the First World War in 2014, but it seems like every other new novel I pick up is set in or around the Second World War There s nothing wrong with that, and I ve read enough WW2 fiction to know there are as many stories as there were participants, but still, a novel needs to bring something fresh to the genre to have any impact And on that score, Foulds only half succeeds The parts of the novel devoted to Will, the British Field Security Officer, and his work in Sicily where the Mafia are quietly filling the power vacuum is fascinating and to me at least a fresh perspective The quotes from Wind in the Willows that Foulds works in are well judged and work beautifully, and even when Foulds introduces a scene that you think you ve read many times before the ubiquitous visit to a prostitute he manages to breathe new life into it Unfortunately, the focus of the novel is divided between Will and Ray, an Italian American soldier with dreams of becoming a Hollywood director, and this character is definitely the novel s weak link Ray is almost a clich , a character we ve seen countless times before, and who never truly comes to life Another problem for me were the 100 pages or so set in North Africa where Foulds evokes the Sicilian towns and countryside so well, his North Africa could be a Reading Adam Foulds s new novel In the Wolf s Mouth, I was reminded of literary movements like Oulipo, which explored the concept of potential literature.Don t get me wrong it s not that the novel is particularly experimental It s the potential aspect that stuck in my head In the world of Oulipo and others, the emphasis was on the creation of new possibilities, rather than the actual execution of those ideas In the Wolf s Mouth is in some ways a potential novel It sets up a scenario involving multiple characters and storylines, and then leaves those narratives deliberately unconnected, the potential deliberately unfulfilled It s a deliberate choice, and there are very clear reasons for it, making it an interesting book to read and think about.First, a word on those different narratives We start with two rural Sicilians in pre war Sicily, and then switch for the bulk of the book to the stories of two young Allied soldiers in World War II Italian American infrantryman Ray Marfione marches across Italy, watches his friends die, and gets badly lost, both spiritually and geographically, while English intelligence officer Will Walker blunders ineffectually across North Africa and Italy.These characters, Ray and Will, constantly threaten to become protagonists, but never actually do They lurch from

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