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Thelema (Mystic Will, #0) Thelema Mystic Will, 0 PDF Epub Author Marushia Dark Soaringeaglecasino.us What If You Were Born Into A World Where The Gods Once Walked Among Men And Women Where You Wake Up Every Morning To Find A Mystical Pendant Around Your Neck And Know, As Everyone Knows, That The Gods Had Granted You This Awesome Gift, To House Your Will, Allowing You To Perform Incredible Feats But What If That Blessing Was Also A Curse In That It Tethered Your Soul To The World And If You Removed It, You Would Forfeit The Will To Live What If Your Pendant Was Merely The Missing Half To Someone Else S Pendant Someone Whom You Ve Never Met, And May Never Meet, For The Gods Were Selfish And Cruel In Keeping You Apart Everytime You Gaze Down At Your Pendant, You Feel The Promise Of Great Joy And Despair Simultaneously As Every Fiber Of Your Being Is Drawn To Your Other Half Your Twin Flame If Only You Could Summon The Will Of A God Yourself, Perhaps You D Be United What If This Same World Was Inhabited By Legions Of Monsters Known As Juristic Persons Living, Breathing Corporations With Wills And Minds Of Their Own What If Such Creatures Had Rights And Powers That Far Exceeded Those Of Humans Into Such A World Were Born Dean Maynard And Jane Stewart Justices Of The Peace Who Use The Thelemic Arts, Along With Their Martial Prowess And Knowledge Of The Law, To Bring About Order And Justice In The Land Of Severa When A Routine Trial By Jury Gets Turned Into A Trial By Combat, However, The Balance Of Power Between Mankind And Its Creations Shifts, Leading Some To Question Whether The Course Of History Will Be Forever Changed, And Humanity S Future Suddenly Becomes Uncertain As Everyone Tries To Find Peace And Purpose In Their Lives, Dark And Sinister Forces Begin To Emerge From The Shadows Thrusting The Department Of Justice Into A Battle For The Soul Of Severa And The Lives Of Its Citizenry Journey Now Into That World In This Fantastical Tale Of Love, Action, Intrigue, And Will.

About the Author: Marushia Dark

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thelema (Mystic Will, #0) book, this is one of the most wanted Marushia Dark author readers around the world.

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    The master artisans of the gods took great care to design each individual person s pendant called Thelema with his her talents, desires, life s will Star Maiden the other Gods figured out this wasn t such a great idea Water Bearer Star Maiden s husband must find a solution to the problem Hanji Tsudzukeru Jane s clerk , Adaiah f, Notary, Thelema were by her

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    This review is challenging to write Thelema Book 0 is not a bad book per say It makes for a challenge to review due to the fact that it is the first in a series The First book of a series is always a challenge Each author creates their own world within the pages of the book When dealing with a series there is a lot of items within the world that need to be explaine

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    The book Thelema mystic will is a thorough read A detailed fantasy, with a parallel insight into our very own reality.Marushia Dark is an enchanting author, taking his reader through truly vivid scenes, properly explained sceneries, witty conversations and personable characters making fantasy look just like real life.The book Thelema is obviously a first of its series, and

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    First of all this book is a prequel, a teaser, for what looks like a Game of Thrones size series.It has a lot of characters, who are pretty well fleshed out, there are glimpses of their motivations, which is good as some characters seem to be plotting and planning a bit of world domination, while others want justice for all Other characters are a complete mystery.The world building

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    Every story or novel in my opinion needs to have an interesting introduction or beginning to attract people And this story had one of the best beginnings i have ever read i don t know why but as i read it, it reminded me of Adam and Eve like the fact that Thelemas and their bearers were severed in two and they were divided into man and woman then they rebelled and were condemned to lose thei

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    This book is an excellent way productively pass the time, and since I m a college student it helps me spend my free time in a positive way It also have a few scenes that reminded me of the political climate from 2015 and onward without biases, so you don t have worry about reading the same themes and cliches you ve probably heard before but I ll admit the black people s speech patterns are a tad bit

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    Thelema is a quite interesting novel because the settings is seems modern but at the same time it give the feeling of medieval environment based on places and clothes of characters It is having a sci fi elements The existence of human and juristic creature in one world is also fit in The storyline is good but there is too much character make me confused but I am taking it as a introduction for the next novel.

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    It took me considerable time to read this book One of the reasons is the editing There were some unfinished sentences and soem other errors as well The other reason is the complexity of the story There are lots of characters with their own storylines Sometimes I found it hard to follow that many skipping between characters What I liked was the world building There is magic in this world and technology and ...

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    This book is centered in the workings of the judicial system regarding the rights of humans versus judicial representatives, which were created by humans to fulfill certain purposes The story has some interesting parts, especially the philosophy of mortality, although it s mainly slow and makes for a v...

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    Started reading this book and the characters seemed interesting from the beginning It got harder to focus on each character as I read thru each chapter and was introduced to different ones The book was very interesting but hard to focus on the main characters as I got farther ...

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