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All That Drag (The FuBar, #1) When Adam S College Boyfriend Ryan Refused To Come Out For Him, The Breakup Left Adam So Devastated That He Invented An Alter Ego To Cope Whenever He Puts On The Wig, The Lashes And The Heels And Becomes Acid Tongued Drag Queen Bunny Boyle, Adam Feels Invincible A Superhero In Lipstick And Spanx Fast Forward Over Ten Years And Adam Is Running A Failing Drag Bar In Pittsburgh Gnawed By Financial Woes, Not Even Bunny Can Save Adam From The Increasing Loneliness And Anxiety He Feels, A Situation Not Improved When He Walks In On Ryan Now A High School Athletic Coach Boning Justin, The Bartender And Ryan S Still In The Goddamn Closet As Adam S Mental Meltdown Approaches Arctic Proportions, Ryan Finally Kicks Open The Closet Door, Forcing Them To Confront The Feelings They Thought They Left Behind Over A Decade Ago There S Just One Small Problem Ryan S No Longer Single Bed Hopping, Beaded Lashes And Scandalous Behavior It S All Here In This Raunchy Comedy About Second Chances, True Love And The Vital Importance Of Looking Sickening. This was wonderful I laughed, I cried, I cringed I was almost deducting rating stars for some dubious interactions but, BUT it was handled so well I just couldn t So many important issues in this TrumpAmerica were arisen and props for that. Snark Sex..but little else.I wanted so muchfrom this book Look at that cover Gorgeous Queens, I adore Second chance romances are not my favorite, but I don t avoid them The blurb sounded good, too.Yet this book went from snark to sex to sass to sex to self pity to thinking about past sex to snark All of this floated atop a very loosely defined plot Hell, there wasn t really a plot The characters h This book is funny and sexy and socially aware, and the characters gave me life when I needed it I also had a ferocious earworm of All That Jazz Drag going on as I read Jess Whitecroft is an amazing teller of sexy contemporary romance stories, using characters I always find myself relating to for various and sundry reasons This book really is the good, the bad and the naughty It s sickening, fierce, glittery and filth all in oneI DNF at 22% No rating.

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