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The Comics Journal #303 The Comics Journal is an institution that s been away for far too long I hope that this latest issue, with its smaller size than the previous two volumes, that is and its forward looking editor s note, heralds the triumphant return of the one print magazine that actually bothers to critically consider all aspects of the comics medium.I also hope that Gary Groth takes the suggestions solicited from industry professionals, and printed in the Blood and Thunder letters column, seriously There are some great ideas in there Following are my article by article thoughts on this issue What s in Store for Us Groth has already taken one suggestion to heart, which is the need for greater diversity among the Journal s contributors Ben Pass s essay on gentrification, and a comic shop s responsibilities in a gentrified neighborhood, is fascinating, and something I d not thought about before The Fear Anger of Tomi Ungerer Groth s biography of Ungerer is really good Unfortunately, the interview with Ungerer that follows it is not as interesting Groth is a peerless interviewer of artists he s smart, well read, engaged, and not afraid to ask difficult questions But Ungerer was a bit of a rambler, and didn t seem to add anything that I hadn t already learned by reading Groth s bio of him Cyberzone This historical assessm Download The Comics Journal 303 By Gary Groth Jackkellyfilm.co.uk The Comics Journal, Which Is Renowned For Its In Depth Interviews, Comics Criticism, And Thought Provoking Editorials, Features Gary Groth In Frank And Often Hilarious Discussion With The Satirist And Children S Book Author Tomi Ungerer Ungerer Talks About The Entire Trajectory Of His Life And Career Growing Up In France During The Nazi Occupation, Creating Controversial Work, And Being Blacklisted By The American Library Association This Issue, The First In Its New Twice A Year Format, Covers The New Mainstream In American Comics How The Marketplace And Overall Perception Of The Medium Has Drastically Shifted Since The Graphic Novel Boom Of The Early 2000s And Massive Hits Like Persepolis, Fun Home, And Smile It Also Includes Sketchbook Pages From French Born Cartoonist Antoine Coss An Introduction To Homoerotic Gag Cartoons Out Of The U.S Navy And Your Black Friend Cartoonist Ben Pass S Examination Of Comics And Gentrification.

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