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Draco (Accidental Mates #1) First Book In The Accidental Mates SeriesWith Temporary Genetic Enhancements To Her Body, To Make Her Sexier, Harmony Sneaks Into The Dragon Shape Shifter S Room To Either Seduce Him Or Kill Him Whatever Works To Keep The Beast From Forcing Her Sister To Marry Him The Drelconian Lords Were A Race Of The Hottest Men, With The Stiffest Equipment A Girl Could Ever Dream Of They Descended To Earth Looking For Breeders In Exchange For Desperately Needed Fuel And When Draco Pinned Her Against A Wall With An Offer Of All Night Fun As Payment For Releasing Her Sister From His Bond, How Could Harmony Possibly Refuse

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    So a 2 star it was okay rating reminds me of my first date with my now husband We were at a nice, but patron less, restaurant with beautiful outdoor seating, enjoying the patio under the trees all to ourselves Our hapless waiter Henry comes by at the end, and makes this profound statement How was the food It was okay, right You don t want another beer, do you No,

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    Wow, this was certainly hot This was definitely erotic but there was a story plot to the whole thing which made the book doubly readable and fantastic I had to shake my head at some parts because Harmony and Draco made me want to smack them in the face but luckily, I was able to hold myself back Aside from that, the book did get me hot and bothered Good read

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    Just not enough development of the characters or the culture Seemedof an excuse for writing sex scenes An opportunity was missed to create a fascinating world.

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    loved this story Had me crying throughout.

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    Dammit You can t end it that way Do you know it is now gonnna kill me until I can get around to buying the next book Grrr.Ok, now I am hooked and NEED to know what happenedOk now that I have had my rant I will get to what I think.I got this book as a free read I ve had it for a while and started reading it late last night I loved that the story started out fast and keep the fast pac

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    I have mixed feelings about this book I loved the idea of an alien dragon race who needs help but the story felt short The lord dragons apeared to be so powerful but in ssence they were ruled by the elders The whole action felt rushed and it failed to convince me I am not sure how Harmony went from wanting to kill Draco to making love to him Afterwords their whole story felt so wrong I c

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    I hated the chacarecters Two stars are just for the idea, not for the plot or the steamy scenes Heroine was over the top horny since the moment she has seen the hero There was no explanation about that hornines It happens in other books too but they generally explain it with consepts like being true mates or something There was not even that It was not believable Hero was so bad to her and ab

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    When I heard that this book was about dragon shifters I just had to read it I didn t know that I would become hooked I can t wait to read the rest of the series.Harmony will do just about anything to keep her sister from marrying Draco She decides that she needs to kill him so that her sister will be safe What she didn t plan on doing was having sex with him and becoming pregnant.When Harmony fina

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    I sooo wanted to love this book I am a shifter addict and dragon shifters are a rare and I can never turn them down I think if the same story was written as a full length novel that it could have been great, but unfortunately it fell short for me It felt like it could not decide if it was going to be strictly erotica or if it was going to be a love story with heat very steamy heat and a bit of mystery

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    This was a really good novella A gem and good surprise of a freebie I loved the characters and the story line This is something I wouldn t mind reading again Dragonsyay I liked the spunk, the action and suspense, the attitudes although there was some head smacking warranted , the fantastical atmosphere, some good steaminess, and the ending was perfect and definitely left a smile on my face This is definitel

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