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Seduced at Midnight The premise of Seduced at Midnight was good I was really looking forward to reading a bodyguard protector kind of romance, but the plot itself didn t deliver what I was hoping for Now, I know I shouldn t judge a book for not being what I wanted it to be, but the problem lay on the fact that the build up happened too quickly, and the elements revolving around it didn t have enough support to actually make it believeable view spoiler Julianne and Gideon met two months prior ro the story while he was investigating a crime, and they both secretly develop a strong infauation for one another They obviously don t act upon it because she is the daughter of an Earl and he is a Bow Street Runner, so they don t interact or get to know each other Then, at a ball, she follows him into the garden, where they end up kissing passionately, and then makes up this pretense about a ghost in her house because she doesn t want him to know she came outside looking for him Obviou Reviewed for THC ReviewsThus far all of the books in Jacquie D Alessandro s Mayhem in Mayfair series have been delightful reads, and Seduced at Midnight, the third installment is no exception The series centers around four friends who ve formed a book club, whose reads tend to inspire and or parallel other events in the story In this one the ladies are reading a fictional, salacious, ghost story titled The Ghost of Devonshire Manor in which a lady falls in love with her ghostly lover It makes our heroine, Julianne, long for a love like what is depicted in the book, while at the same time, a mystery plays out in which ladies of the ton are being robbed and murdered by someone the papers are calling a ghost That s because no one knows how the culprit is gaining entry to the houses and he doesn t really leave any evidence behind Julianne has a crush on Bow Street Runner, Gideon Mayne, whom she met two months before when he interviewed her about another crime that happened in the previous book, so she uses the ghostly murderer to engineer a story that she hopes will keep him close to her But soon she finds that she s become a target of the real ghost It all made for a very fun, deeply romantic, emotional, and sexy read.As the daughter of an earl, Julianne, li Jacquie D Alessandro latest regency romance is Seduced at Midnight This is book three in her Mayhem in Mayfair series about a group of spunky heroines who form a socially acceptable literary society yet read books that wouldn t be on any socially acceptable list in the ton These feisty gals find their heroes in the course of the books I ve been a fan of D Alessandro since I read Red Roses Mean Love in 1999 Her books are like a bag of popcorn, not too serious, lots of fun, and yet you don t feel heavy when you re done.Lady Julianne is the daughter of socially conscious parents Her mother is cold and distant, and her father never passes up the opportunity to remind her of her worthlessness as a female, other than marrying well of course Now it appears her minimal freedom is almost over as her father is interviewing suitors to choose the best read richest and highest ranking match Poor Julianne can only dream of adventure now, right At least until a robber murderer puts her in his sights and her father hires the totally unsuitable, yet man of Julianne s dreams, Gideon.Gideon came from nothing, yet has become one of the best Bow Street Runners His reputation is what gets him hired by Julianne s father to protect her Too bad for Gideon since she s the only woman he s never been able to get out of his head And the time they spend together, the worse it i This one was FILLLLLLLLLLED with sexual tension WOW at first I felt like it was a bit hard to get through a lot of internal conflict and they didn t seem to have a connection but once you saw them on a daily basis you just knew that it was going to steam for a while. After the first two books in the series which I adored this was a bit of a let down for me It has practically ALL the thinks I hate in a HR ridiculous murderous villain, horrible parents no one stands up to, a heroine complaining about everyone thinking of her she s shallow who does nothing to convince me otherwise she even has a rat, sorry, dog, called Princess Buttercup which she dresses up in little outfits to match hers , a last minute kidnapping , and the fact that I finished this just goes to show how good this author is.But in the end, there was just too m Lady Julianne Bradley s dream is to marry for love, but her cold hearted parents are going to marry her off to the Duke of Eastling, who will take her to his estate in cornwall and leave her there When thinking of her imaginary love, Julianne always pictures Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne who she met 2 months earlier during a murder enquiry Gideon also has feelings for Julianne but knows he is far beneath her His face is what Julianne sees when she reads the latest novel from her book club, the Ladies Literary Society of London do not read boring, acceptable books The books they read are very sexually explicit and they are now reading The Ghost of Devonshire Manor All of london are talking of The Ghost Thief who is robbing and murdering titled women While at a ball Julianne follows Gideon to the garden, too embarressed to tell him why she pursued him, she lies and says that she heard the Ghost thief in her house Her father hires Gideon to prot This was so bloody good I love this series so much Can t wait to start on the next. Nothing exciting about this book With all the murders that happened in this book and in previous books it s surprising that any Lords or Ladies are even left. I ve really enjoyed this series In the previous books, we got glimpses of a potential attraction between Lady Julianne and the Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne That attraction is fully explored here and pulls out all the stops for a forbidden love theme While not as angsty as Lisa Kleypas Again the Magic, this story still packed a punch and you could feel the desperation and longing on every page.Lady Julianne is the daughter of a heartless Earl and equally heartless Countess She has all of the creature comforts she could ask for, but has no meaningful connections with anyone except her friends Emily, Carolyen, and Sarah heroines of the other books in this series Her parents are in the process of setting up a betrothal for her that will bring them the most money and connections with no consideration at all for Julianne herself While I know this was common in these times, the way the Earl and Countess go about it is really despicable When someone begins murdering and stealing from wealthy members of the ton, Julianne s parents hire a Bow Street Runner to make sure Julianne stays alive in time for her to get married Gideon Mayne has been drawn to Lady Julianne since the first time he laid eyes on her When he is hired by her parents, it brings him Epub Seduced At Midnight Jacquie DAlessandro Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Ladies Literary Society Of London Gathers Again For A Ghost Story In This Sexy Tale Starring A Beautiful Lady And The Rugged Hero She S Determined To Make Her OwnLady Julianne Bradley Has Always Longed To Indulge In A Wild Adventure Unfortunately, The Man With Whom She Wishes To Share Her Fervor Can Never Be Hers Tormented By Her Desire, She S Preparing To Succumb To A Suitable Marriage When Ghostly Occurrences Straight Out Of Her Latest Read Start Happening And To Protect Julianne, Her Father Hires The Very Man Her Heart Cries Out For.Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne Is Determined To Resist His New Charge A Spoiled, Pampered Princess Whose Unequalled Beauty Admittedly Sets His Body Ablaze With Desire Especially Once He Realizes That Everything He Assumed About Julianne Is Utterly Wrong For Beneath Her Aloof Demeanor Lies A Passionate Woman Determined To Provoke His Raw Hunger But Now That She S Decided To Play With Fire, Who Will Keep Her Safefrom Him

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Growing up on Long Island, New York, I fell in love with romance at an early age I dreamed of being swept away by a dashing rogue riding a spirited stallion When my hero finally showed up, he was dressed in jeans and drove a Volkswagon, but I recognized him anyway We married after both graduating from Hofstra University and are now living our happily ever afters in Atlanta, Georgia, along with

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