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Mr Stink The Second Original, Touching, Twisted, And Most Of All Hilarious Novel For Children From David Walliams, Number One Bestseller And Fastest Growing Children S Author In The Country Beautifully Illustrated By Quentin Blake Mr Stink Stank He Also Stunk And If It Was Correct English To Say He Stinked, Then He Stinked As Well It All Starts When Chloe Makes Friends With Mr Stink, The Local Tramp Yes, He Smells A Bit But When It Looks Like He Might Be Driven Out Of Town, Chloe Decides To Hide Him In The Garden Shed.Now Chloe S Got To Make Sure No One Finds Out Her Secret And Speaking Of Secrets, There Just Might Be To Mr Stink Than Meets The Eye Or The Nose.

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    Ever book of David Walliams surprises me and kids again and again Mr Stink starts absolutely hilarious and had my kids giggling and guffawing particular when Mr Stink goes on TV and then had them bawling in one of the most emotional, touching endings of a children s book I have read since Charlott

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    This wasn t up to the standard of either The Boy in the Dress or Gangsta Granny The story was slight Mildly bullied girl who is not her mother s favourite child befriends stinky old tramp and his trick performing dog The tramp is, almost inevitably this story is so cliched, a Lord with a sob story The

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    I spend a lot of time reading children s books as my 7 year old girl is severely disabled and can t read for herself or even turn the page She is however of normal intelligence for her age and stories are her world.As a new author myself I don t generally review other new authors, but David Walliams needs n

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    Mr Stink 2009 and Gangsta Granny 2011 both entertaining and amusing novels from the now very commercially successful pen of David Walliams Both stories very much influenced by and written in the tradition of Roald Dahl and whilst both stories are good ones, Walliams ultimately lacks the flair, finesse and magic

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    This story by David Walliams is about a young girl called Chloe who befriends the local tramp, Mr Stink Chloe is a lonely 12 year old girl who thoroughly hates school because she is bullied by a group of cool girls, unfortunately her home life is unhappy too and she has a turbulent relationship with her mother and si

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    5 Stars A fabulously funny look at kindness and empathy The best bits This was a great read aloud class book The children laughed heartily at David Walliams wordsmithery, and the vivid characters peppered throughout this tale Some of my kids asked if the parallels between Chloe s mother and Donald Trump were intentional,

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    So 2017 is the year my little Scoutie has started finding her own books.Being the great book pusher that I am, I have slowly and meticulously made all three of my kids book junkies, feeding them the drugs I thought would best insure their addictions The twins have long been lost to the books, off in their own worlds, chasing t

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    This is a similar read to Gangsta Granny, by the same author, which I preferred Only this one is a tale about a girl, and instead of a relative she is spending time with a dirty old tramp Mr Stink as everyone calls him, smells bad and has a small smelly dog, but is harmless and sits on the park bench every day We see that the young

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    The new book by David Walliams is funny, thoughtful and quirkily written Life for Chloe is pretty miserable thanks to her pretentious, controlling mother To make matters worse her mother is completely preoccupied with her younger sister, Annabelle Desperate to find someone who understands her, she befriends Mr Stink, the local tramp wit

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