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Graphic Witness: Four Wordless Graphic Novels If You Care About Graphic Novels, You Need This BookNew York Times Best Selling Author Neil GaimanGraphic Witness Features Rare Wordless Novels By Four Great Th Century Woodcut Artists European And North American The Stories They Tell Reflect The Political And Social Issues Of Their Times As Well As The Broader Issues That Are Still Relevant TodayFrans Masereel Was Born In Belgium And Is Considered The Father Of The Wordless Graphic Novel Graphic Witness Includes The First Reprint Of His Classic Work, The Passion Of A Man, Since Its Publication In Munich American Lynd Ward , Author Of The Provocative Wild Pilgrimage, Is Considered Among The Most Important Of Wordless Novelists Giacomo Patri Was Born In Italy And Lived In The United States His White Collar Featured An Introduction By Rockwell Kent And Was Used A Promotional Piece By The Labor Movement Southern Cross By Canadian Laurence Hyde Was Controversial For Its Criticism Of US H Bomb Testing In The South PacificAn Introduction By George A Walker Places Each Wordless Novel In Its Context And Examines The Influence Of These Works On Contemporary Culture, Including Film, Comic Books And Contemporary Graphic NovelsGraphic Witness Will Appeal To Readers Interested In Social Issues, Printmaking, Art History And Contemporary Culture

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    This volume contains four wordless graphic novels, as well as an introductory essay by George Walker and afterword by Seth Some of these works were suppressed for political reasons, because they were produced at a time of struggle the 1930s and one of them contains a scene that was for me at least too graphic The decapitation by the struggling

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    This book, edited by George A Walker, collects four wordless novels or picture novels of the early twentieth century The picture novel is a form that flourished largely between the two world wars and was then forgotten except for a few devotees, most of them comics creators who saw in these visual narratives the forerunners of the modern graphic no

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    Each one of these exquisitely rendered vignettes is full of depth, character, hardship, beauty and profundity All with out one word to process The linocuts are so detailed that the reader easily perceives movement and form This book also contained one of the most beautifully crafted introductions I have ever seen I think I will have to purchase this one

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    There s a brand new Lynd Ward anthology out, Six Novels in Woodcuts, from the Library of America It includes the justly acclaimed God s Man, as well as five other wordless picture books from this great American artist It s edited and introduced by Art Spiegelman.I found out about Six Novels in the New York Times, where Steven Heller rather dismayingly notes

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    This collection contains four wordless novels Die Passion eines Menschen The Passion of a Man 1918 25 pages Masereel was a Belgian artist who worked mainly in France and was published mainly in Germany This book is the biography of a labor leader from birth through childhood, working as a child laborer, being fired, being arrested for stealing food, becoming a ra

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    It s not warm and fuzzy I sought it out, because I really liked the Arrival and was looking forwordless graphic novels This book is actually a compilation of four socio politically focused graphic novels by four different engravers done at different time between 1918 and 1951 They take on the subjects of racism, class justice, nuclear testing andIt s a great read , es

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    The first wordless stories I read were by Eric Drooker Bloodsong , but after reading Scott McCloud s Understanding Comics it is clear that telling stories through pictures has a long, thousands years old tradition think Bayeux tapestries, etc So is Drooker doing a graphic novel Beckett bemoaned in Malloy I gotta use words when I talk to you Not sure it matters except to ac

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    Each one of these novels is utterly brilliant To have them all together in one volume is an important study on the similarities and distinctions between some of the 20th century s early wordless woodcut authors George A Walker s overview provides fantastic insight into the techniques and tools that these and other artists used to make their work And the work itself makes the re

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    I want to give this 5 stars, but as I didn t have time to actually read everything, that is, take in the story and spend time with each page, I don t feel like I can give it the full 5 stars Maybe soon, when I finish the book In any case, some of the most beautiful art I ve seen, and a very interesting look at the beginning of comics.

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    Four masterful graphic novels, laboriously created through various print making techniques It is fascinating to realize how old some of these works are, although they have an incredibly modern look and message.

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