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Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War Perhaps No Individual In Modern History Has Received Intensive Study Than Adolf Hitler His Many Biographers Have Provided Countless Conflicting Interpretations Of His Dark Life, But Virtually All Agree On One Thing Hitler S Formative Experience Was His Service In World War I Unfortunately, Historians Have Found Little To Illuminate This Critical Period Until NowIn Hitler S First War, Award Winning Author Thomas Weber Delivers A Master Work Of History A Major Revision Of Our Understanding Of Hitler S Life Weber Paints A Group Portrait Of The List Regiment, Hitler S Unit During World War I, To Rewrite The Story Of His Military Service Drawing On Deep And Imaginative Research, Weber Refutes The Story Crafted By Hitler Himself, And So Challenges The Historical Argument That The War Led Naturally To Nazism Contrary To Myth, The Regiment Consisted Largely Of Conscripts, Not Enthusiastic Volunteers Hitler Served With Scores Of Jews, Including Noted Artist Albert Weisberger, Who Proved Heroic, And Popular, Than The Future F Hrer Indeed, Weber Finds That The Men Shunned Private Hitler As A Rear Area Pig, And That Hitler Himself Was Still Unsure Of His Political Views When The War Ended In Through The Stories Of Such Comrades As A Soldier Turned Concentration Camp Commandant, Veterans Who Fell Victim To The Holocaust, An Officer Who Became Hitler S Personal Adjutant In The S But Then Cooperated With British Intelligence, And The Veterans Who Simply Went Back To Their Bavarian Farms And Never Joined The Nazi Ranks, Weber Demonstrates How And Why Hitler Aggressively Policed The Myth Of His Wartime ExperienceUnderlying All Hitler Studies Is A Seemingly Unanswerable Question Was He Simply A Product Of His Times, Or An Anomaly Beyond All Calculation Weber S Groundbreaking Work Sheds Light On This Puzzle And Offers A Profound Challenge To The Idea That World War I Served As The Perfect Crucible For Hitler S Subsequent Rise

About the Author: Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber is a professor of history and international affairs at the University of Aberdeen Scotland The award winning author of several books, Weber divides his time between Aberdeen, Scotland and Toronto, Ontario CANADA.

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    Many historians, and biographies, have attempted to explain how the Great War, made Hitler In this exhaustive book, the author attempts to explain what WWI meant to Hitler, how it affected his views and what happened to the men who fought alongside him.Hitler was quick to volunteer for the war and joined the List Regiment in Bavaria He had hoped to be sent to Britain to invade, perfi

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    This is one of the most interesting books that I have ever read about Adolf Hitler, and I have read a great many Not only does it successfully demolish a number of myths about this German private who served in World War 1 WW1 and then later destroyed so many innocent lives as well as most of Europe To summarise it would be difficult, but let me attempt to list some of the many things t

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    I ve started reading this book in October 2011 but didn t finish it By now i forgot why it made me give up so I gave it a second chance.Let s see what bugged me to be continued Ok, third and final attempt If i fail this time, Thomas can shove his book in a tiny spot that rarely sees the sun.What s wrong with this book Is it too academically No Is the language style used by Weber too hard

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    Adolf Hitler stands today as the First World War s most famous enlisted man This is not just a consequence of his subsequent role as the Fuhrer of the Third Reich, but because Hitler founded his political career on his experiences during the war, asserting that it was his service in it which shaped his beliefs and drew him into politics Numerous biographers have seconded his claim by prese

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    Answered my questions about how those who served with him saw him No hero, never a corporal, just a private who refused the responsibility of promotion because he would have to lead on the front Most of his comrades saw him as a rear area pig running messages only BEHIND the lines Interesting how many of them became victims of the Nazi rise to power, if they didn t sanitize their memoirs of

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    Concienzuda aproximaci n del papel de hitler durante la I Guerra Mundial que desmonta el mito de valiente correo que pon a su vida en peligro entre las trincheras, as como el impacto que tuvo en su radicalizaci n.

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    Derribando los mitos de la propaganda que han llegado hasta nuestros d as.Antes de empezarlo ten a miedo que resultase demasiado acad mico pero no es el caso, bastante ameno, de hecho.

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    This book presents an in depth account of how Hitler spent WWI, an account which is at odds with the way these 4 years have typically been portrayed Instead of being a fearless runner in no man s land and the horrible trenches, Hitler wasoften than not closer to headquarters and was despised for that fact by the men who did the actual running His Iron Crosses, 1st 2nd classes, were actually the re

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    Es una obra interesante en tanto en cuanto intenta cubrir una etapa de la vida de Hitler que l intent reescribir, borrando las huellas de su pasado y reconstruy ndolo desde la visi n fant stica del soldado que nunca existi.No porque no fuera soldado, que lo fue, ni que no hubiera estado en la guerra, que s estuvo Sino como los sue os de lo que quiso ser, degener en una pesadilla que le har a negar l

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    Weber pursues an interesting line of inquiry, specifically seeking to debunk the myth that Hitler s experience in WWI shaped his weltanshauung This notion arises from the fact that Hitler made brilliant use of a fawning media once he was in power and his propaganda sought to validate the often fanciful accounts of his war experiences as recounted in Mein Kampf By making the assumption that Hitler s cl

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