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About the Author: Diana Hamilton

Librarian Note There isthan one author by this name in the Goodreads database.Diana Hamilton was born in a English town Wanting to be a country child, her imagination came into play at an early age, transforming a neighbor s tree into a forest, a hole in a stone wall into a gingerbread house, a gas puddle into a fairyland, complete with mountains, lakes and flower meadows She loathed housework but made to do her share, to lessen the boredom, she told herself stories, in a very loud voice, featuring princesses and flower gardens, discovering that telling herself stories was almost as good as reading them in a book.She loathed school with an equal passion and got through it by pretending to be somewhere else Even so she left grammar school with respectable grades And was sent to art college when she wanted to study to be a vet This was nowhere as bad as it had seemed because it was there, at age 18, she first saw Peter He had returned from two years active service in Korea to resume his studies, and Diana immediately fell in love with him.Gaining a degree in advertising copywriting, Diana worked as a copywriter and married Peter They moved to a remote part of Wales after the birth of their second child, Paul, when their daughter, Rebecca, was three years old There, Diana enjoyed pony trekking and walking in the mountains and her third child, Andrew, was born Itchy feet brought them back to England to the beautiful county of Shropshire four years later and they have been there ever since, gradually restoring the rambling Elizabethan manor that Diana gave her heart to on sight, creating a garden out of a wilderness of nettles, brambles and old bedsteads.In the mid 70s Diana took up her pen again to write stories to read to her three children at bedtime These were never offered for publication but the bug had bitten Over the next 10 years she combined writing over 30 novels, published by Robert Hale of London, with bringing up her children, gardening and cooking for the restaurant of a local inn a wonderful excuse to avoid the dreaded housework In 1987 Diana realized her dearest ambition the publication of her first Mills Boon romance, Song in a Strange Land She had come home And that feeling persists to this day as, around 30 Harlequin Mills Boon romantic novels late, she was still in love with the genre.Sadly, Diana Hamilton passed away on May 3, 2009, at her home in Shropshire, surrounded by her family She will be sorely missed by her fans and everyone at Mills Boon Harlequin

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