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The Angel of Darkness June A Year Has Passed Since Dr Laszlo Kreizler, A Pioneer In Forensic Psychiatry, Tracked Down The Brutal Serial Killer John Beecham With The Help Of A Team Of Trusted Companions And A Revolutionary Application Of The Principles Of His Discipline Kreizler And His Friends High Living Crime Reporter John Schuyler Moore Indomitable, Derringer Toting Sara Howard The Brilliant And Bickering Detective Brothers Marcus And Lucius Isaacson Powerful And Compassionate Cyrus Montrose And Stevie Taggert, The Boy Kreizler Saved From A Life Of Street Crime Have Returned To Their Former Pursuits And Tried To Forget The Horror Of The Beecham CaseBut When The Distraught Wife Of A Spanish Diplomat Begs Sara S Aid, The Team Reunites To Help Find Her Kidnapped Infant Daughter It Is A Case Fraught With Danger, Since Spain And The United States Are On The Verge Of War Their Investigation Leads The Team To A Shocking Suspect A Woman Who Appears To The World To Be A Heroic Nurse And A Loving Mother, But Who May In Reality Be A Ruthless Murderer Of ChildrenOnce Again, Caleb Carr Proves His Brilliant Ability To Re Create The Past, Both High Life And Low Fast Paced And Chilling, The Angel Of Darkness Is A Tour De Force, A Novel Of Modern Evil In Old New York

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    If we succeed in bringing Libby Hatch to trial, it won t be just the outrage of the humble citizens in town like Ballston Spa that we ll have to deal with No, no all the mighty weight of this sparkling society will come crashing down on our heads, too For it s the essence of hypocrisy, isn t it, Doctor, t

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    All those who read and loved Caleb Carr s The Alienist were ecstatic to once again take a carriage ride over the cobblestone streets of Old New York as a mystery is solved This one involves the kidnapping of a woman s child which becomes a race against time when Dr Lazlo Kreizler uses psychiatry to paint a po

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    Nowhere near as good as Carr s first effort The Alienist This just seemed like a bad clone of that book where Carr was trying to incorporate the same elements Unfortunately the story wasn t as good and it felt forced It has all the same characters that you loved in The Alienist but for some reason it just didn t

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    I remember thinking this book was incredible the first time around Now, 6 years later, all I could think about was how ridiculous the narration was You can t be all like, I m Stevie Taggert which means I m all about turn of the century New York street patois even though my diction is actually really elevated and the

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    Description In The Angel of Darkness, Caleb Carr brings back the vivid world of his bestselling The Alienist but with a twist this story is told by the former street urchin Stevie Taggert, whose rough life has given him wisdom beyond his years Thus New York City, and the groundbreaking alienist Dr Kreizler himself, are s

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    With one glaring exception this is an extremely enjoyable, well researched, and well written piece of historical fiction I was a huge fan of Carr s The Alienist and now want to go back and reread it Carr brings a wonderful combination of the story teller s craft and the history lover s attention to accuracy and detail to his

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    It took me two years after I read The Alienist to pick up its sequel It was a challenge that prompted me to read this gargantuan But it was the challenge that gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with some of my favorite characters.Unlike The Alienist, which was told in Charles Schuyler Moore s point of view The Angel of Darkne

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    I ve always had a personal law that requires I finish any book I start Lately, I ve been reconsidering It all started when I tried to read The Devil Wears Prada and was forced to throw it out the window in horror and disgust after 25 pages That s when I realized I needed to amend the law to specify that I don t have to finish books

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    I really enjoyed The Alienist, the first book by Caleb Carr about Dr Laszlo Kreizler and his colleagues When I finished that story, I was very curious fordetails Angel of Darkness picks up soon after the previous case, and the action begins almost immediately This story is narrated by the teenage Stevie Taggert, the street kid that Dr K

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    Just arrived from USA trough BM.Even if I haven t read the first book of this series, The Alienist, it didn t compromise this reading.The plot starts with the kidnapping of a Spanish diplomat s baby but then the main story switched to the suspect of this crime, Libby Hatch, a nurse who is the suspect murderess of her own children.Dr Lazlo K

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About the Author: Caleb Carr

Caleb Carr is an American novelist and military historian The son of Lucien Carr, a former UPI editor and a key Beat generation figure, he was born in Manhattan and lived for much of his life on the Lower East Side He attended Kenyon College and New York University, earning a B.A in military and diplomatic history He is a contributing editor of MHQ The Quarterly Journal of Military History and writes frequently on military and political affairs.