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Theology for the Community of God This Proven Systematic Theology Represents The Very Best In Evangelical Theology Stanley Grenz Presents The Traditional Themes Of Christian Doctrine God, Humankind, Christ, The Holy Spirit, The Church, And The Last Things All Within An Emphasis On God S Central Program For Creation, Namely, The Establishment Of Community Masterfully Blending Biblical, Historical, And Contemporary Concerns, Grenz S Respected Work Provides A Coherent Vision Of The Faith That Is Both Intellectually Satisfying And Expressible In Christian Living Available For The First Time In Paperback

About the Author: Stanley J. Grenz

Stanley James Grenz was born in Alpena, Michigan on January 7, 1950 He was the youngest of three children born to Richard and Clara Grenz, a brother to Lyle and Jan His dad was a Baptist pastor for 30 years before he passed away in 1971 Growing up as a pastor s kid meant that he moved several times in his life, from Michigan, to South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Colorado.After high school Stan began his undergraduate studies in 1968 with the idea that he would become a nuclear physicist But God had other plans for him, and in 1971, while driving home to Colorado after a visit with his parents in Oklahoma, he received a definite call into full time Christian ministry.In 1970 1971 Stan traveled in an evangelistic youth team where he met Edna Sturhahn from Vancouver, BC , who then became his wife in December, 1971 Both Stan and Edna completed their undergraduate degrees at the University of Colorado and Stan went on to receive his M Div from Denver Seminary in 1976, the same year in which he was ordained into the gospel ministry During the years of study in Colorado he served as a youth pastor and an assistant pastor From Denver, Stan and Edna moved to Munich, Germany where Stan completed his Doctor of Theology under the mentorship of Wolfhart Pannenberg Their son, Joel was born in Munich in 1978.During a two year pastorate 1979 1981 in Winnipeg, MB, where daughter Corina was born, Stan also taught courses at the University of Winnipeg and at Winnipeg Theological Seminary now Providence Seminary His full time teaching career began at the North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD 1981 1990 Those years were followed by a twelve year 1990 2002 position as Pioneer McDonald Professor of Baptist Heritage, Theology and Ethics at Carey Theological College and at Regent College in Vancouver, BC From 1996 to 1999 he carried an additional appointment as Professor of Theology and Ethics Affiliate at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, Lombard IL After a one year sojourn as Distinguished Professor of Theology at Baylor University and Truett Seminary in Waco, TX 2002 2003 , he returned to Carey in August 2003 In fall 2004, he assumed an additional appointment as Professor of Theological Studies at Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle WA.Stan has authored or co authored twenty five books, served as editor or co editor for two Festschriften, contributed articles tothan two dozen other volumes, and has seen to printthan a hundred essays and an additional eighty book reviews He had plans to write manybooks Twoof his books will appear in print within the next year.In addition to writing and lecturing all around the world, Stan loved preaching He admitted to breaking into preaching in some of his lectures He served as interim pastor of several congregations and as guest preacher in many churches He loved the Church, both locally and worldwide.Stan wholeheartedly supported and encouraged his wife Edna in her pastoral ministry, her studies and in the enlargement of her ministry gifts At First Baptist Church, he played the guitar and trumpet in the worship team and sang in the choir He was proud of his children and their spouses, Joel and Jennifer and Corina and Chris, and delighted in his new granddaughter, Anika Stan was a friend and mentor to many, always encouraging people to strive to new heights.As a theologian for the Church Stan wrote from the deep, interior vision of the sure hope that we would enter into the community of God in the renewed creation He articulated the reality of this new community as the compass for Christian theology Now the dwelling of God is with human beings, and he will live with them They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God He will wipe every tear from their eyes There will be nodeath or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away Rev 21 3

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    , ,, , ,,, ,Theology for the community of God ,

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    Grenz s systematic theology is written through the lens of community, particularly community with God, others and creation This lends itself to easy application of deep theological truths It s thorough, readable, and blends scripture

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    This was actually a good book by Grenz Later in his career, I became cynical of what he wrote, especially in regards to epistemology and the trinity, but at this stage, I do believe that his output was edifying, beneficial and for the life o

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    It might surprise you to hear that I have always thought of the idea of systematic theology as being too complex for me to grasp This book really helped me get over that Grenz argues that because God is community within himself, existing as father w

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    I must say that while much of Grenz book is good, I was greatly turned off by his perspective of the human soul and the intermediate state It s odd that he discusses God as an immaterial being and angels and demons as immaterial beings, but rejects the imma

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    An excellent work of systematic theology from a moderate evangelical perspective Particularly worth noting is his conception of systematic theology as a framework for understanding reality, not to be confused with the reality itself While paedobaptist readers will

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    I appreciated how Grenz wove the threads of community and the Kingdom of God through the entire text The sections on ecclesiology and eschatology were particularly impactful Grenz seems to offers a balanced and middle of the road treatment of many subjects Other readers, d

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    You can read my review here You can read my review here

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    With the help of my maginificent professor who himself was taught by Grenz himself, this textbook on theology had been an impacting piece of literature in my life.

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    Helped a lot in my ordination process

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