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Druids Mine Was The Vast Dark Sky And The Spaces Between The Stars That Called Out To Me Mine Was The Promise Of Magic So Spoke The Young Celt Ainvar, Centuries Before The Enchanted Age Of Arthur And Merlin An Orphan Taken In By The Chief Druid Of The Carnutes In Gaul, Ainvar Possessed Talents That Would Lead Him To Master The Druid Mysteries Of Thought, Healing, Magic, And Battle Talents That Would Make Him A Soul Friend To The Prince Vercingetorix Though The Two Youths Were As Different As Fire And IceYet Ainvar S Destiny Lay With Vercingetorix, The Sun Bright Warrior King Together They Traveled Through Bitter Winters And Starlit Summers In Gaul, Rallying The Splintered Celtic Tribes Against The Encroaching Might Of Julius Caesar And The Soulless Legions Of Rome From The Paperback Edition

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    Ainvar is a young Celt of the tribe of the Carnutes He has always been fascinated by the druids of his clan, those wise men who know earth magic and are responsible for so many of the important moments of life for the Celts in Free Gaul One night he slips away to watch a ceremony in which the druids hope to end th

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    Walking through a used bookstore, I noticed the name Morgan Llywelyn on a 1 book I knew the name, and saw on goodreads that it had gotten roughly 4 stars, so I thought I d pick it up and add it to my Roman themed reading list A semi historical fiction novel about the Gauls in the time of Julius Caesar, Druids tells the stor

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    First, a masterful story, told by a masterful storyteller I found it fascinating that the author was able to remain true to history, and left the story with a sad ending However, she told the story well enough that I did not feel sad at the end, but triumphant A recurring motif in the book was that death is not the end a tenet of Dru

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    This story is one of my all time favorites that weaves history, magic, and culture with a breathtakingly inspired style of storytelling Everywhere I travel to that has a bookstore I search for this book and currently own 3 copies of this gem.

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    On a whim, I bought this book at the Goodwill Store, seeing the author s name and knowing her reputation I was quite pleased with my purchase and I really enjoyed this story I was impressed how Ms Llywelyn took what scant information there is on the Druids, added her own literary license, and combined them into a plausible recreation of Druidic practice

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    This is one of my favorite books by Morgan Llywelyn, especially because it presents the untold perspective of the Gauls facing the invasion of Caesar Llewelyn does a superb job of combining historical fact into the story without making it a dry read, which is proof why she is one of the master s of Celtic fiction She also does an excellent job of showing the huma

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    This book is fabulous It chronicles the ending of the height of the Druids as Ceasar brings into Gaul the ways of the Romans and their Christian religion This is the movie I would make if I had the money and talent

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    According to the great Wiki A druid was a member of the priestly class in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul, and possibly other parts of Celtic western Europe, during the Iron Age Very little is currently known about the ancient druids because they left no written accounts about themselves, and the only evidence of them is a few descriptions left by Greek and Roman authors, and stories cre

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    The rituals that made me a little squeamish just because it s me aside, I adored this book Listening to the main character a druid talk about nature and the earth and the connectedness of it all was just what I needed I had been missing that You don t hear alot of natural balance talk in this town.I had this in the back of my mind as one to read for a bit and I m glad I finally took the plung

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    The first of the Llywelyn books I read, mainly because of my interest in Druidry and those bits and pieces of history that get brushed aside in the interest of providing an overview of World history, this is an interestingly fictionalized account of what it may have been like back then It certainly opened my eyes as to the increasingly inaccurate views of modern Druidry that have sprung up since the 19

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