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Rating 3.5Derek Panthera is headed home one night to see his family but when he unexpectedly sees a figure of a man standing in the middle of the road, he loses control of his car, in an attempt to avoid hitting the man, and crashes into a tree But when he gets out of the car, there is no one there The damage to his car s headlights prevents him from attempting to continue on his journey so he heads for the nearest house.Shaelyn greets Derek at the door, having been expecting him She is a witch who had seen a vision that Derek would come into her life during a Blood Harvest Moon She knows that Derek is part of an ancient Prophesy, one that will bring her great Power She rules the coven of witches that live there But the Shadow Demon chose Derek as the coven s next sacrifice for the Blood Harvest Moon If the sacrifice is interfered with, another must take his place for if there is no sacrifice, the entire coven will lose their immortality thus causing their deaths Shaelyn knows that Derek is her intended mate and doesn t understand why the Shadow Demon would choose him as the sacrifice She has to help Derek learn of his true heritage, hope that he falls in love with her, and protect him from being sacrificed.Blood Harvest Moon is an enjoyable read I love books with shifters in them, whether werewolves or not In this case, a panther shifter Then throw in a coven of witches, a demon of death, and some backstabbing, and you ve got a very exc Blood Moon MagicI really think this is the first shifter romance I ve ever read that wasn t straight erotica.Refreshing romance with twist and turns in the plot that make you keep turning the pages.Great shot story, A prophecy comes to pass for Shaelyn, one of hope and love Derek Pantera finds his plans interrupted by a mysterious figure, and then he meets the red haired, green eyed witch They are both blessed and cursed as events move forward with the speed of sound Can they survive the night of the Blood Harvest Moon Kelly Abell spins out a tale of the paranormal, of Wonderfully written Love at first sight Happily ever after Witches, warlocks, shape shifters, demons, curses, prophecies, sacrifices, fate It s all wonderfully spun into Blood Harvest Moon This book is a page turner, very hard to Ebook Blood Harvest Moon Author Kelly Abell Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Only A Few Days From The Blood Harvest Moon A Coven Of Witches Must Have A Sacrifice In Order To Maintain Their Immortality A Prophesy To Fulfill Shaelyn, A Beautiful Irish Witch Believes A Prophesy That Will Bring Her Love And Destiny Little Did She Realize What It Would Cost Her.A Destiny Of Greatness Derek Panthera, A Sexy But Mild Mannered College Student Has No Idea How An Unexpected Car Accident Will Change Is His Life Forever It Not Only Leads Him Straight To A Coven Of Witches Who Need A Blood Sacrifice, But Will Enact A Change In Him He Is Totally Unprepared For As The Destiny Of Shaelyn And Derek Intertwine, A Battle Is On To Save Derek S Life From A Treacherous And Evil Curse As The Attraction Between The Two Becomes Heated, It S Shaylen Who Brings Out The Animal In Derek He Didn T Know Existed She Must Help Derek Become The Powerful Shifter She Knows He Is And Struggle To Keep Her Own Power Intact The Two Have Only A Few Days Before The Blood Harvest Moon Wanes, To Save His Life And End The Curse. 5 starsAn exciting and fast paced novella that tells a tale of witches, demons, blood sacrifice, ancient curses and prophecies Recommended.Please see my full review on This book had potential Good as a short story, but the story itself could have easily done with explanation, background, everything If they author ever decided to re write this as a full length i would love to read. This is an enjoyable paranormal fantasy that will linger in your mind haunting your thoughts long after the last word is read. I gave this book two stars because it had so much potential and I was disappointed that it did not live up to it. This was a good story but not a keeper I liked the story but it was too unbelievable Nobody falls in love in less than 48 hours Even though this was a paranormal it should be believable. Blood Harvest Moon

About the Author: Kelly Abell

www.writewithkelly.wordpress.com , as the Vice President of the Paranormal Romance Guild and a member of the Florida Writer s Association.When not writing, which isn t often, she enjoys living in Florida with her family and loyal dog companion Snickers.

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