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The Pilgrim's Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity Reason and Romanticism At the outset I must confess that at least 1 3 of this book was well over my head With that said, this was an enjoyable book to read, and the portions which resonated with me were well worth the confusion I endured during the other portions.Lewis was a master of allegory, and this book is no exception The reader who struggles intellectually with the faith will find this book to be a breath of fresh air John, the main character s, struggle with the various philosophies and philosophers of the world were so vivid and real that you cannot help but think I have fought this same battle as you are reading At many points you sense yourself to be in John s shoes knowing that you are fighting, at this very moment, the exact battle which Lewis has portrayed I often found myself wondering as I read how e Having had two aborted attempts with this one, I went in for a third try not expecting much of it but came through pleasantly surprised This is a little less accessible than most of his fiction without knowing Lewis intellectual world so having read much on Lewis in recent months probably helped give me a greater appreciation for it.Basically this is a r Reading The Pilgrim S Regress An Allegorical Apology For Christianity Reason And Romanticism Author C.S Lewis Jwdfitness.co.uk The First Book Written By C.S Lewis After His Conversion, The Pilgrim S Regress Is The Record Of Lewis S Own Search For Meaning And Spiritual Satisfaction, A Search That Eventually Led Him To Christianity This Brilliant, Bunyanesque Allegory Tells A Fascinating Story And Constitutes An Effective Christian Apologia. This book described Lewis conversion to Christianity using an allegory Theme beware of the desiring of the very desiring It parallels many of the same themes in Surprised by Joy, namely that joy or sehnsucht is inevitable and can be filled rightly or wrongly The reader discovers that Christianity does not get rid of utter desire and joy, but transforms them In the meanwhile, using John, Lewis tells us how he escaped the snares of various penny ante yet at the time culturally respectable secular philosophies.The good Lewis showed how Christianity rehabilitates Plato The discussion of archetype and ectype was brilliant Reason personified as a female One is reminded of Joan d Arc Reason s introduction in the book is one of sheer awe John is caught in the muck and slime of his own foolishness, then reason appears like lightning from a clear sky, sword in hand to rescue him But Lewis is careful He knows that Reason has limits and the reader sees what Reason can and can t do for the Christian Very go One of Lewis s first books after his conversion, he uses Bunyan s trope to do what we now call a worldview apologetic, as only a Cambridge literature don could This work is quite obscure and hard to follow, at least for my small brain though he admits the obscurity himself in a later preface in this edition Lewis begins with hypocritical Puritan Christianity, and is merciless in his critique, replete with masks, badly told stories, and pious cliches John, the Pilgrim, quickly leaves it, and regresses on from fornication, to Thrill, the spirit of the age, every modern form of philosophy you can imagine He does what Van Til 20 years later called Christians to do tear down every argument and philosophy opposed to Christ The difficulty is that I didn t recognize much of it, 60 years later and through Lewis prism He writes that he didn t mean it to be autobiographical, but I think as one of his earlier works it very much was.Some parts were clear and great.1 Mother Kirk must carry us across the chasm, but most refuse her way and go the harder way around.2 We suppress the truth about God, but wind up praying to Him, and pursued by Him, anyway.3 We substitute cheaper, quicker and shallower desires for the true Desired One.4 There are as many sins of the mind as there are of the flesh Lewis catalogs many of the former.5 Temptation is hard to resist, even when we see Actual Ratings 3.25 I am surprised at how long it took me to discover this book I think the first time I heard of it was while reading George Sayer s Lewis biography It is definitely a must read for Lewis fans.As The Pilgrim s Regress is Lewis first novel as a Christian, I am also surprised at how developed his understanding of the faith was, even in its infancy This books contains many of the same ideas that will be expressed clearly in his future works like Mere Christianity and The Great Divorce He will express his ideas clearly, but they are very much the same ideas being expressed.A funny note when someone from the American Catholic publishing house Sheed Ward read the book it might have been Frank Sheed himself they assumed it was about Lewis conversion from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism It is not.I read the Wade Annotated Edition of this book Unless you re a high caliber I loved this book It is clear that it was written with than a knowledge but rather a deep understanding of the search and the many different viewpoints that one comes into contact with along the way The graceful art in which he interwove and utilized one s capacity for spacial visualization in such a deep and revealing way was amazing If I were to liken it to something, and this may be a little strange but bear with me, it would remind me of a flower It starts off as a bud held in your hand It s fairly interesting rather simplistic, something easily grasped However, as it begins to unfold there hidden vibrant colors, you begin to realize it s shape has changed completely and it s actually a much deeper and complex approach than you first thought As you lean in to breath its fragrance, you find that you were never holding the flower but standing upon it I lo Excellent Finished the audio version in February 2016 In the Afterword, Lewis apologizes for the book, an apology I refuse to accept Just delightful. C.S Lewis is mostly known for his Narnia Chronicles Some of us are also familiar with his Science Fiction Trilogy Then there is the bulk of his work that fall under the genre apologetics.I ve read most of Lewis work but I had not read the Pilgrim s Regress before He wrote it shortly after he became a Christian and it is interesting in its insight into one man s conversion experience and also as a comparison to his later works.Inspired by John Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress, Lewis wrote his work as an allegory It starts with a young man, John, who is living on a pleasant countryside with his parents.As a young boy, he gets smacked for doing the wrong thing, such as shooting at birds or pulling flowers out of the garden, even though he really doesn t understand why this is bad When John asks why these things are wrong he is told that the Steward says so.He asks who the Steward is and is told the Steward is the man who makes the rules for the country.John asks why Because the Landlord set him to do it.Who is the Landlord The owner of all the country.One day John s parents take him to see the Steward He is in a large, grand, formidable building and stands behind a pulpit or Judge s Bench The Steward is an affable old man who cheerfully waves them towards him, but when they

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